Saturday, 17 January 2015

Answers to News Questions

In the News    

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Kendall House in Gravesend
Maithripala Sirisena
Gordon Taylor
Dammartin – en – Goele
Danielle Watson
Andrew Macdonald
Pauline Cafferkey
Virginia Roberts
Hoegh Osaka
Only One
Emma Healey
Gary Anderson
Dzhokar Tsarnaev
Reham Khan
Elliot Spencer
Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan
Je Suis Charlie
CSCL Globe
Cherif and Said Kouachi
Stephen Freud
Ray McFall
Mahinda Rajapaska
Virat Kohli

In Other News

Which veteran film and TV actor passed away aged 81?
Which European national airline has been wound up due to an EU ruling that it has received illegal state aid?
What was the result of the Abu Hamza court case in New York?
What did a judge in California rule can once again be eaten in California?
What was the score between QPR and Sheffield Utd in the FA Cup?
Who is the ‘new’ global face of Max Factor?
Which club eventually decided not to sign Ched Evans?
Which club ended Real Madrid’s run of 22 straight victories?
Which TV and radio presenter was named GQ’s worst dressed man?
Reports were posted, and then taken down, that who would be appearing at Glastonbury in 2015?
Who said that the quality of this year’s contestants on The Voice was ‘s*it’?
Sir Bradley Wiggins announced he will be leaving Team Sky at the end of which month?
Who is the new temporary manager of Norwich City?
Which oil company agreed to pay £55 million compensation to Nigeria for oil spills?
Which political party’s website disappeared for some time last week?
How did Scottish labour party leader Jim Murphy upset Londoners last week?
Who is to play Henry VIII in the new series of Horrible Histories?
Which of his policies did Francois Hollande drop last week?
The new super license for formula 1 drivers will make the minimum age for drivers what?
Which welsh rugby player confirmed a move to Bath?
How much longer will 2015 be than 2014?
What were the 4 top grossing films in the UK in 2014?
Who is Englands cricket world cup captain?
Who raffled off gifts including a fiat panda last week?
Steven Gerrard announced he will be moving to which club?
Italian wine producers are up in arms about which British practice?
Who or what are set to join the International Criminal Court in April?
What disaster struck McDonalds outlets in Venezuela?
David Cameron gave which reason for refusing to appear in TV debates?
The 80th anniversary of whose birth occurred last week?
Which German group are to be the subject of an international conference in Aston University?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Former Church of England children’s home – claims of historical abuse to be investigated.
Won Sri Lankan presidential election
Head of PFA apologised for comparing the Ched Evans situation to Hillsborough.
Parisian suburb where supermarket siege took place. 
24 year old convicted of fraud for saying on social media she had cancer and asking for donations to pay for her wedding.
New chairman of Scope
British nurse with Ebola
Woman at the heart of the Prince Andrew allegations
Ship that ran aground in the Solent
Song – collaboration between Kanye West and Paul McCartney
Sunken cargo vessel in the Pentland Firth
Won Costa Book Award for First Novel for her book Elizabeth is Missing
Won PDC world darts championship
In court for the Boston bombing
Former BBC Weather girl to marry Imran Khan
Fiance of Stephen Fry – engagement announced last week, also found guilty of speeding
Announced he will stand against Sepp Blatter for FIFA presidency
Slogan used in support of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, whose staff were massacred in the Paris terrorist atrocity
The world’s largest container ship which visited the UK
Terrorist who carried out the Charlie Hedbo atrocity
Brother of Clement and Lucien passed away
A comet which reached its closest point to earth
Former proprietor of the Cavern Club passed away
Long standing President of Sri Lanka defeated in election
Indian batsman – first to make three centuries in first three innings as a test captain

In Other News

Lance Percival
Cyprus Airways.
He was sentenced to Life imprisonment
Foie Gras
3 – 0 Sheffield Utd.
Marilyn Monroe
Oldham FC
Evan Davies
The Dalai Lama
Sir Tom Jones

Mike Phelan


Gavin Tillman said...

Lots of answers missing. At least when viewed from my iPad. The second half of "In Other News" pretty much

Londinius said...

Hi Gavin

Yes - You're right. I've just checked the original file, and it's like that too. Something must have happened when I saved it - very sorry.