Saturday, 28 June 2014

In The News

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. The House of One
2. The Hoppings
3. Gerry Conlon
4. Patsy Byrne
5. Rui Costa
6. Naomi Broady
7. Andy Coulson
8. Thomas Ganter
9. Helena Costa
10. Giorgio Chellini
11. Princess Cristina de Borbon
12. Tara Moore
13. Owen Williams
14. Corinne Hutton
15. Fabio Fognini
16. Michael Voudouri
17. Chia Labouef
18. Becky James

In Other News

1. What was the score in the world cup group game between Belgium and Russia?
2. What was the first African country to score 4 goals in a game at a world cup?
3. Who won the Austrian Grand Prix?
4. What was the score in the third tests between England and the All Blacks?
5. Which country’s FA was implicated in a match rigging scandal last week?
6. What change is being made next month to the way that the UK singles chart will be compiled?
7. What was the score in the 2nd test between Wales and South Africa?
8. The 24th June was the 700th anniversary of which historic event?
9. Who was Andy Murray’s first 2014 Wimbledon opponent?
10. 2 journalists with which TV Channel were jailed in Egypt for 7 years for allegedly helping a terrorist organization?
11. What was the verdict in the Rebekah Brookes trial?
12. A draft of which Bob Dylan song sold for $2million at auction last week?
13. Which everyday item has been banned from Wimbledon 2014?
14. Who was freed in Sudan but prevented from leaving the country?
15. What was the score in England’s final world cup group game?
16. Who hit a defiant second innings century in England’s loss to Sri Lanka in the second test?
17. Who was out in the last ball of the same game?
18. Who is to donate ¼ million pounds to independent bookshops?
19. The One Show viewers decided that the Longitude Prize shall be awarded within which specific field?
20. Which 98 year old ‘bad guy’ actor passed away last week?
21. Name the only 2 players in the England squad who didn’t play in any of the three group matches at all?
22. A special edition of the Antiques Roadshow was filmed in Northern Ireland with whom?
23. The tallest permanent Maypole in England was cut down in which town last week?
24. Which famous and historic well ran dry last week?
25. Which British player played in his 23rd consecutive Wimbledon tournament?
26. What is the Queen to have surveyed for the first time ever?
27. Who is donating a collection of Alamo artefacts to San Antonio?
28. Who was acquitted of terrorism offences in Jordan?
29. Which company was criticized for sending ‘false’ threatening solicitor’s letters to customers?
30. Luis Suarez has been banned from football for which period of time?
31. Who won the National Time Trialling championships?
32. A new study revealed that what is more satisfying than an iphone?

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