Monday, 16 June 2014

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl
2. Edinho
3. John Wilkinson
4. Gareth Huntley
5. Lady Soames
6. Gerard Benson
7. Nairo Quintana
8. Ernest Gulbis
9. Alexander Shulgin
10. Eimar McBride
11. A Girl is a Half Formed Thing
12. Jos Buttler
13. ITH Pharma Ltd.
14. Chester Nez
15. Ann Barnes

In Other News

1. Who was sworn in as the new president of Ukraine? 2. The world’s oldest example of which form of clothing was found near the Great Wall of China? 3. Which national team achieved their first ever win at football when they defeated Malta 1 – 0? 4. Harvard University carried out tests on a book in its library which revealed that it is made out of what? 5. Which was the first song to gain over 2 billion hits on Youtube?
6. Why were calls made to rerun the vote for the host of the 2022 world cup?
7. What was the result in the women’s FA Cup Final?
8. – and the Froch v. Groves world championship fight?
9. Who won the Gotzis Heptathlon?
10. What was the result of the English rugby Premiership final?
11. Marc Marquez has now won how many motogp races in a row this season?
12. Which dancer is quitting Strictly, although his wife will stay on?
13. Which rally was hit by tragedy last weekend?
14. In a YouGov poll, what was voted the nation’s favourite children’s book?
15. King Juan Carlos of Spain is to abdicate in favour of whom?
16. Andy Murray defeated whom in the quarter final of the French Open?
17. Which English club will James Hook be joining?
18. Which are deadlier – ‘male’ or ‘female’ hurricanes?
19. Which actress, known for many 60s and 70s comedy roles, passed away?
20. Which ‘drug cheat’ will be returning after a 1 year ban in the Diamond League meeting in July?
21. What has President Hollande proposed for the regions of Alsace and Lorraine in France?
22. Which world leader was unreachable on a celebrity version of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ in her own country, when they reached her answerphone?
23. What was the result of the Syrian election?
24. Who proposed the Loyal Address at the Queen’s Speech in parliament?
25. Which two ministers was it revealed last week had blamed each other for the Birmingham schools ‘trojan horse’ furore?
26. Last week saw the 25th anniversary of which world event?
27. A set of royal mail stamps featuring what was issued last week?
28. What was the score between Ecuador and England?
29. At which stage of the competition was Olympic champion Nicola Adams defeated in the European championships?
30. Which club won their return to English rugby’s premiership?
31. What was the score in the Italy friendly match against Luxembourg?
32. Which song will be used for BBC’s World Cup coverage?
33. Ed Milliband said that the NHS must be – what – after the next election?
34. Who denied that he said that fairy tales are bad for children?
35. Which classic computer game celebrated its 30th birthday? 36. Which two players won the French Open women’s singles semi finals?
37. Which England player was injured in the friendly v. Ecuador?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. US Soldier freed after 5 years of captivity by Taliban
2. Son of Pele, given a 33 year sentence for laundering drug money
3. Man jailed for feeding birds in Morecambe
4. Last child of Winston Churchill – passed away
5. Editor of Poems on the Underground – passed away
6. Rider who won the Giro d’Italia
7. Player who knocked Roger Federer out of the French Open
8. Alleged creator of Ecstasy – passed away
9. Won Bailey’s Prize for Women’s Fiction
10. Novel for which she won
11. Cricketer controversially run out while backing up v. Sri Lanka
12. Lab which produced contaminated NHS baby drips
13. Last Navajo code talker who passed away
14. Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent , under fire for appearing in Channel 4 fly on the wall documentary

In Other News

1. Petro Poroshenko
2. Trousers
3. Gibraltar
4. Human Skin
5. Gangnam Style
6. Alleged corruption claims
7. Arsenal 2 – Everton 0
8. Froch won, defeating Groves with a round 8 knockout
9. Katerina Johnson-Thompson
10. Northampton 24 – Saracens 20 11. 6
12. James Jordan
13. The Jim Clark Rally
14. Winnie the Pooh
15. Crown Prince Felipe
16. Gael Montfils
17. Gloucester
18. Female
19. Barbara Murray
20. Tyson Gay
21. They will merge to form one region
22. Angela Merkel
23. A landslide for President Assad
24. Penny Mordaunt MP
25. Michael Gove and Theresa May
26. Tiananmen Square
27. Sustainable Fish
28. 2 – 2
29. Quarter finals
30. London Welsh
31. 1 - 1
32. “Another Star” by Stevie Wonder
33. Reset
34. Richard Dawkins
35. Tetris
36. Sharapova and Halep
37. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

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