Saturday, 21 June 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Michelle Hamrick
2. Francis Matthews
3. Gary Lewin
4. Niall Iain McDOnald
5. Ultra Violet
6. Sam Kelly
7. Juan Manuel Santos
8. Michael Ibsen
9. East Anglian One
10. Yang Yongchun
11. Chann Sankaran – Krishna Sanjay Ganeshan – Michael Boateng
12. Carina Tyrell
13. British Guiana One Cent Magenta
14. Fire phone
15. Naved Arif
16. Dave Hockaway
17. Louis Tomlinson
18. Eugenie de Silva
19. Iggy
20. Mark McConville
21. Gerry Goffin

In Other News

1. Who won Queen’s?
2. What was the second test score between England and the All Blacks?
3. In which race was Chris Froome injured?
4. Which team beat England to the bronze in the men’s world hockey?
5. Pope Francis announced his first European visit will be to which country?
6. What was the score in the first test between Wales and South Africa?
7. Who won his seventh straight moto GP race of the season?
8. Which manufacturer won Le Mans?
9. Who officially woke from his coma?
10. What was the result in the first test v. Sri Lanka?
11. – and in the world cup match between Germany and Portugal?
12. Who is Southampton’s new manager?
13. Who won the US Open
14. Which two teams played out the first draw of the world cup?
15. With which team did Brazil also draw 0 – 0 ?
16. Which team did Belgium beat 2 – 1?
17. Which provincial team did England RU defeat in New Zealand?
18. Who crashed out of the cycling tour of Switzerland?
19. Whom did Jeremy Paxman interview in his final edition of Newsnight?
20. Which author was lambasted for catching, skinning, cooking and eating a rabbit on Twitter?
21. Who will be paying an official visit to the set of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland?
22. Which University gave back a 300 year old tapestry looted by Nazis to its rightful owners last week?
23. Defeat to which country saw Spain become the first team out of the World Cup?
24. What was the score between the Netherlands and Australia?
25. What decision has Rory McIlroy made for the 2016 Olympics?
26. What is Andy Murray’s Wimbledon seeding?
27. Morrisons have banned the use of what at self service tills?
28. Who scored both of Uruguay’s goals against England in the world cup?
29. A top of a mountain was blown off to make room for the world’s biggest deep space telescope in which country?
30. What is the regnal name and number of Spain’s new king, crowned last week?
31. Which ITV world cup pundit flew home after his wife was attacked by an armed robber last week?
32. Which famous TV set has been given a license to hold marriage ceremonies?
33. What was the score in the match between Italy and Costa Rica?
34. – and France and Switzerland?

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