Monday, 16 June 2014

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Jean Claude Juncker
2. Eugene Goostman
3. Daniel Ricciardo
4. Fiona Cunningham
5. Chijindu Ujah
6. Eric Hill
7. Uber
8. Hard Choices
9. Reuven Rivlin
10. Greg Dyke
11. Anna Soubry
12. Noble England
13. Marcus Wareing
14. Cy Twombly
15. Radek Stepanek

In Other News

1. Name the first four sponsors of the World Cup to demand an inquiry into the 2022 bidding procedure allegations of corruption
2. How many singles titles at the French Open has Rafael Nadal won?
3. Which national team refused to board their initial flight to brazil for the World Cup?
4. What was the score between England and Honduras in their last friendly?
5. Who is the new coach of Andy Murray?
6. Who won the women’s singles in the French Open?
7. What were the scores in the first and second rugby tests between new Zealand and England?
8. Which building was it announced was to undergo what has been described as a ‘mudpack facelift’?
9. How old was Rik Mayall, who passes away last week?
10. Why did Royal Mail workers in Skelmersdale threaten to strike last week?
11. Which team did England’s men beat to reach the world cup hockey semi finals?
12. Which two teams played the first game of the FIFA world cup?
13. What was the venue for the US Open golf championship?
14. Fly Half Olly Barkley was signed by which club?
15. Which word did Sepp Blatter use to describe criticism of Qatar’s selection as hosts for the 2022 World Cup?
16. Who is England’s cricket player of the year?
17. Where is Star Wars VII being filmed? 18. – and who injured his foot – allegedly when the door of the Millenium Falcon closed on it?
19. Which team has Joe Cole joined?
20. Which team have been expelled from the Conference for unpaid bills?
21. Who launched an America’s Cup team last week?
22. Which event will Mo Farah run in the Commonwealth Games?
23. Boris Johnson purchased three what for London last week?
24. David Beckham’s plans for a stadium where were rejected last week?
25. Who is the inaugural Country Life Gentleman of the Year?
26. Which cyclist was added to the England team for the Commonwealth Games last week?
27. Who was selected out of position on the wing for England in the second test v. The All Blacks?
28. Which two performers gyrated together in the Opening Ceremony of the FIFA World Cup?
29. In which country was a baffling spate of lego theft reported?
30. Who shot a record first two rounds low score at the US Open?
31. Cesc Fabregas has joined which team?
32. How did George H.W.Bush celebrate his 90th birthday?

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