Saturday, 22 March 2014

University Challenge - Semi Final Preview

Right, now, I fully accept that I don't actually know who has been drawn against whom, and so this could have an effect on the outcomes. Bearing that in mind, I would speculate that the two unbeaten teams, Trinity and Somerville will be kept apart.
It does create the complication that Trinity have already beaten both of the other two teams in the mix, Manchester and SOAS, so maybe they will put Trinity and Somerville together. I don't know that this would be very fair, but it could happen. Let's have a look at the form guide, then.

My unofficial table just shows each team's score in each of their matches so far. Granted it gives you no idea of either how strong the opposition were, nor how many points were scored against them in each match. Still, it does at least give us a measure of each team's strength relative to each other. I don't want to burden Trinity with the tag of favourites for the final, but I'm afraid that they are. So let's suppose a couple of situations. Working on the principle that Trinity and Somerville are kept apart, if Trinity play Manchester in the semi, then it will be a good match, but I'd have to go for a Trinity v. Somerville final, with Somerville being too strong for SOAS, in my opinion. However, if Trinity get drawn against SOAS, then it becomes more difficult to predict. After all, the average scores for both Somerville and Manchester are very similar. Manchester have only been beaten by Trinity, remember, and they have a very strong tradition in UC in recent years. In fact, a Somerville v. Manchester match would probably be a real cracker. There's nothing in it, but there's just a chance that if Trinity get SOAS in the semi, then it might well be a Trinity v. Manchester final. If, on the other hand, Trinity and Somerville are drawn together, then it's still a Trinity v. Manchester final.Probably.

Well, you've probably noticed that I don't fancy SOAS at all. Sorry guys, but if it's any consolation, I am rarely right in my prognostications, and as underdogs you have absolutely nothing to lose. Good luck to all the teams involved.


Will G said...

If it's the same as last year, Trinity and Somerville will play each other, as Trinity played both Manchester and SOAS in the QFs.
I can't comment on the strengths of the teams, but it's worth pointing out that since the brought in the new format, no team has remained unbeaten.

Andrew B. said...

I was disappointed to see it was Trinity v Manchester in the first semi, as I thought (following their QF) that that would make a great final.

Having seen the semi, I stand by my claim! (Here's hoping we get a great final anyway).

I'll go along with the prediction that Somerville will probably beat SOAS - they seem to have got stronger as the contest has progressed, while SOAS seem to have weakened slightly.

Will G said...

Wow. Guess I was spectacularly wrong!