Friday, 21 March 2014

Answers to News Questions

News Questions

These are a mixture of questions about last week’s news and the week before’s

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. David Meyler
2. Ricky Burns
3. Alan Resnais
4. Luke Shaw
5. Mollie Smitten Downes
6. Children of the Universe
7. Lupita Nyong’o
8. Steve Keeley
9. Nicholas Jacobs
10. Misao Okawa
11. Jamie Edwards
12. Katarina Johnson-Thompson
13. Richard Kilty
14. William Clay Ford
15. MH370
16. Ricky
17. Cressida Bonas
18. Kelly Gallagher and Charlotte Evans
19. George Saunders
20. Amanda Rodgers
21. Jezki
22. Barry Gerraghty
23. Steven Power
24. Uli Hoeness

In Other News

1. Which central American country was shaken by a 6.4 earthquake?
2. Which MP called for an amnesty for soldiers involved in Bloody Sunday
3. Who recorded the song ‘Happy’ which went to the number 1 slot three times?
4. Who controversially said that he would have been captain of England for 10 years if he had been white?
5. Which iconic advertising brand logo has been dropped?
6. What was the final score in the Capital One cup final?
7. Who scored a 147 break when winning the Welsh Open snooker?
8. Which film won the Best Picture Oscar?
9. Which well loved actress was revealed to have a condition similar to Alzheimers?
10. Why was Nick Grimshaw rushed to hospital during a live Radio One broadcast?
11. Who joined ITV’s Daybreak?
12. What gaffe did Pope Francis inadvertently make?
13. Who won the Best Actor Oscar?
14. – and the best supporting actor?
15. And the Best Actress?
16. And the Best director?
17. What was Alan Pardew officially charged with by the FA?
18. Which former welsh international quit Cardiff Blues as Director of rugby?
19. Who announced his retirement from test cricket?
20. What is the name of the Birmingham City largest shareholder found guilty of money laundering in Hong Kong?
21. What was named the world’s most expensive city?
22. A 30,000 year old what was revived a fortnight ago?
23. The Farage v. Clegg cagefight debate was scheduled for which radio station?
24. According to the TES what is ranked as the world’s number one university?
25. Which BBC channel is being removed to the iplayer?
26. Which broadcaster quit the Radio 4 show Front Row for personal reasons?
27. Who was restored as Scotland’s rugby union captain following his controversial omission from the previous matches?
28. What was the score between Wales and Iceland?
29. Who were warned that they might have to relocate to England if Scotland votes for independence?
30. Who said “I’m a normal person, not Superman”?
31. What was the score between Scotland and Poland?
32. In the 6 nations, what was the score between England and Wales?
33. – and Scotland and France?
34. – and Ireland and Italy?
35. What was the outcome of the FA Cup match between Wigan and Man City?
36. Which West African country announced that it is to drop English as an official language?
37. Which former MP was in court accused of sexually assaulting 7 men?
38. Which former Z Cars actor passed away aged 83?
39. How long did it take for 60,000 tickets for Groves v. Froch II to sell out at Wembley?
40. What mishap befell the countdown to the Commonwealth Games clock in Glasgow?
41. What was the result of the North Korean elections?
42. Which England batsman was ruled out of the world T20?
43. What was the result of the Arsenal v. Bayern Munich Champions League 2nd leg match?
44. NHS prescriptions are set to rise in England by how much?
45. Bob Crow passed away. He was the leader of which union?
46. Which long lasting musical is set to close in May?
47. Chris Powell was sacked as manager of which London club?
48. The FA have voted to allow the use of what in FA Cup matches?
49. Which celebrity chef announced he will be leaving the BBC ?
50. The PM of New Zealand announced a referendum to be held on which issue?
51. For how many matches was Alan Pardew banned?
52. Which sportsman is to make a guest appearance in The Archers?
53. Which Banksy image was altered and projected onto Nelson’s Column to mark the third anniversary of the start of the Syrian conflict?
54. What was the score between Man City and Barcelona?
55. Which event of World War II has its 70th anniversary this month?
56. Which designer opened his first London boutique?
57. Which former footballer was arrested and cautioned for common assault?
58. What was the score between Spurs and Benfica?
59. How many changes were made to the Welsh rugby union team following defeat by England?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Hull player head butted by Newcastle Utd manager Alan Pardew
2. British boxer who lost his WBO lightweight title to Terence Crawford
3. Oscar winning film director who passed away aged 91
4. Footballer who allegedly cried when given the news that he had broken into the England squad
5. Selected to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest.
6. Song she will be singing
7. Winner of Best Supporting actress Oscar for her role in 12 Years a A Slave
8. US TV reporter buried in snow during a live report
9. On trial for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock
10. World’s oldest person - 116
11. 13 year old who became the youngest person to build a working nuclear fusion reactor
12. British heptathlete who won silver in the long jump at the world indoor athletics championships
13. Winner of gold in men’s 60m at the world indoor athletics championships
14. Henry Ford’s last grandson, passed away aged 88. He was the youngest son of Edsel Ford, whose name is forever associated with Ford’s worst ever car, sadly.
15. Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared
16. Crufts Supreme Champion - poodle
17. Papers carried hints that she is about to become engaged to Prince Harry
18. GVs first ever winners of winter Paralympic gold medals – for the super G
19. American writer who won the first ever Folio Book Award
20. Woman who went to Croatia so that she could get married to her dog
21. Horse that won the Champion Hurdle
22. Rider who won on the mount that AP McCoy rejected
23. His face was partially reconstructed with parts made in a 3D printer
24. Former German international jailed for tax evasion

In Other News

1. Nicaragua
2. Peter Hain
3. Pharrell Williams
4. Sol Campbell
5. Captain Birdseye
6. Man City 3 – Sunderland 1
7. Ronnie O’Sullivan
8. 12 Years a Slave
9. Prunella Scales
10. He swallowed a shard of glass
11. Susanna Reid
12. He accidentally swore to a crowd
13. Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)
14. Jared Leto ( same film)
15. Cate Blanchett ( Blue Jasmine)
16. Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity)
17. Improper Conduct
18. Phil Davies
19. Graeme Smith
20. Carson Yeung
21. Singapore
22. Virus
23. LBC
24. Harvard
25. BBC3
26. Mark Lawson
27. Ally Brown
28. 3 – 1 Wales
29. Banks
30. Pope Francis
31. 1 – 0 Scotland
32. 29 - 18
33. 19 - 17
34. 46 - 7
35. 2 – 1 to Wigan
36. Gambia
37. Nigel Evans
38. James Ellis
39. 90 minutes
40. It was started showing 128 days rather than 135 days
41. Kim Jong Un won with 100% of the vote
42. Joe Root
43. 1 - 1
44. 20p
45. RMT
46. We Will Rock You
47. Charlton Athletic
48. Plastic pitches
49. Michel Roux Jr.
50. Changing the flag
51. 7
52. Sir Bradley Wiggins
53. Girl With Balloon
54. 2 – 1 Barcelona
55. The Great Escape
56. Karl Lagerfeld
57. Eric Cantona
58. 3 – 1 Benfica
59. 6

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