Saturday, 22 March 2014

In the News

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Ebbsfleet
2. Daniel Ricciardo
3. Stephen Benn
4. Geraint Thomas
5. L’Wren Scott
6. Aaron Parfitt
7. Robert Halfon
8. Justin Casquego
9. Theresa Turrion Borallo
10. Free Being Me
11. Stuart Hogg
12. Peter Tapsell
13. Dr. Dhanuson Dharmasena
14. Clifton, Derbyshire

In Other News

1. What was the result of the vote in the Crimea?
2. What was the score in the North London football derby?
3. and between Chelsea and Villa?
4. What was the result of the Scottish League Cup final?
5. What happened to Mo Farah in the New York Half Marathon?
6. What was the score between Liverpool and Man Utd.?
7. Who actually won the Australian GP?
8. Which Australian bowler has been ruled out of the world T20?
9. How many medals in total did Team GB win in the Winter Paralympics?
10. Which team won the LV Cup?
11. Which Oscar winner received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
12. Which former Tv chef and Freeman of the City of London passed away aged 66?
13. Which US city suffered an early morning earthquake?
14. Which team did Ireland beat in their first World T20 game?
15. Which two british heavyweight boxers will fight for the right to challenge Wladimir Klitshcko for his world title?
16. How many sides will the new £1 coin have?
17. Who announced he is to quit his own chat show?
18. Afghanistan got their first ever World T20 win against which country?
19. Sam Warburton announced that injuries will count him out of Wales Summer RU tour to where?
20. What was the champions league score between Chelsea and Galatasaray?
21. What were the two Bs on the much ridiculed Conservative Party advert this week?
22. Which cheese was the winner of the 2014 world cheese championships?
23. It was announced that the National Theatre is to stage a new play by whom?
24. Which vaccine is to be made free to all children?
25. Who was chosen as the person most deserving of having a portrait in the National Portrait Gallery by viewers of the One Show? His portrait was unveiled last week.
26. What are Twitter considering phasing out?
27. What was the core between Spurs and Benfica?
28. – and Man Utd and Olympiakos?
29. Which rugby tournament will be replaced next year?
30. With which coach did Andy Murray split last week?
31. In which part of greater Manchester did thieves tunnel 50 years into a Tesco Express to get at the cash machine?
32. Which library announced it will work with a Japanese company to digitize 3000 rare manuscripts?
33. Which country is hosting the World T20?
34. Which change did the world governing body for hockey announce last week?
35. Which two ministers denied dozing during the budget speech last week? 36. Which 97 year old is releasing a new album?
37. Who returned to the West End stage aged 88 last week?
38. who was given the dreaded vote of confidence by QPR?
39. Which footballer’s father was cleared of a racist incident at the Old Bailey last week?
40. Starbucks announced that it will sell what in its outlets across the US?
41. Who announced she will be playing concerts in August and September, causing her website to break down through sudden demand for information from fans?
42. Lizzie Yarnold had an open top bus ride through her home town to celebrate her Winter Olympic Gold medal. Which town?
43. Which team will Man Utd face in the Champions League ¼ finals?
44. – and which team will Chelsea face?

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