Saturday, 25 May 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

1. Lord Feldman
2. Tim Peake
3. Time
4. Tumblr
5. Emmelie de Forest
6. Neville Neville
7. Joe Farman
8. Forget Me Not Garden
9. Julian Stevenson
10. Encke
11. Kenton Cool
12. Bolt
13. Michael Wilshaw
14. Sir David Nicholson
15. Tim Cook
16. Eddie Braben
17. Dominique Venner
18. Bradley Davies
19. Lydia Davis
20. Eric Joyce
21. John Anthony Downey
22. Francisco Schettino
23. Michael Adebolajo – Michael Adebowale
24. Ingrid Loyau-Kennett
25. H7N9
26. South Lakes Wild Animal Park – Dalton in Furness

In Other News

1. What unwanted distinction is held by the inhabitants of Elbridge in South West London?
2. Which team did Arsenal defeat to take the 4th slot in next season’s Champions League?
3. An incident with a pig’s head made the news in which football club
4. Who played his last ever game for Liverpool FC?
5. Who took 7 wickets for England in the 2nd innings of the First Test v. New Zealand?
6. What was the score in the play off to earn a spot in The Championship?
7. Who won the World Matchplay in Golf
8. What was the score in the Heineken Cup Final?
9. Who is the European Rugby Player of the Year
10. Who was booed when accepting a Milestone Award?
11. Which film prop was found in a car boot sale?
12. A gas blast destroyed a house in which Nottinghamshire town?
13. Where did the Ark Royal set sail to in order to be scrapped?
14. Who was named as being far more successful than any other performer, living or dead, last week?
15. Which club did Jose Mourinho leave last week?
16. Who is to play Super Mario on film?
17. Name the Oklahoma town at the centre of last week’s tornado tragedy
18. Last week Pope Francis performed his first public what as pope?
19. Which team did Tony Pulis leave last week?
20. What was banned in golf from 1/1/2016?
21. Name the two cabinet ministers who voted against the Marriage ( Same Sex Couple) Bill
22. Which TV presenter said that he had actually heard senior Conservatives using the phrase “Swivel eyed loons”?
23. The world’s tallest what was unveiled in Xinghzi China last week?
24. What was the Azerbaijan voting scandal all about last week?
25. Who is returning to tennis in time for the French Open?
26. Which former professional wrestler passed away at the age of 85 last week?
27. Which former Man Utd. FA Cup winning player passed away aged 60 last week?
28. Who became the first woman to win the Gerschwin Prize for Song?
29. Which company are recalling 800,000 cars?
30. Which prominent French politician is facing fraud charges concerning tycoon Bernard Tapie?
31. Sergio Garcia was widely condemned for a remark he made about Tiger Woods, concerning which foodstuff?
32. Who was fined a reported £15,000 for a tweet about Lord McAlpine?
33. Where was the destination of the British Airways Airbus A319 which had to return after a cowling blew off one of its engines?
34. Which organization has voted to allow gay members?

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