Saturday, 18 May 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Stephanie Bottrill
2. Ben Watson
3. Philip Patterson
4. Cash Lady
5. Nawaz Sharif
6. Ricky Burns
7. Bloodhound SSC
8. Chris Hadfield
9. Stuart Hazell
10. Arnold Peters
11. Barbara Walters
12. Long Live the King
13. Philip Hensher
14. Jamie Filan
15. Colin Brewer
16. Cuidad Blanca
17. Peter Ericksson
18. Loic Remy
19. Joyce Brothers
20. Ryan Fogle
21. Sylvain Georges
22. Instead
23. James Wharton
24. Mark Moraghan
25. Steve Harper
26. Eric Schmidt
27. Believe in Me
28. Michael Le Vell
29. Peter Fulton

In Other News

1. Who was tagged after his release from prison last week?
2. Which film was finally allowed to be shown in cinemas in China?
3. Which Cabinet Minister said he would vote for Britain to leave the EU in a referendum?
4. Which was voted the Best sitcom in the BAFTAS?
5. Who won the Spanish Grand Prix
6. Which team did Northampton beat to reach the Premiership Final in rugby union?
7. Which team did Leicester beat to win the other semi final?
8. Which Man Utd. player retired from football last week?
9. Who was evicted from HSBC HQ while making a protest film?
10. Where is the G8 summit to be held?
11. Which English rugby club have been playing tapes of their head coach making his half time team talk to scare birds away from the pitch?
12. Which US TV show is returning after a 4 year absence?
13. IN the USA who is in court asking for a retrial?
14. Who was sacked after finishing second last week?
15. How many pit stops were there in the Spanish GP last week?
16. Who is the ECB Cricketer of the Year for 2012/13?
17. Which grand slam winner did Laura Robson defeat last week?
18. Which two teams will contest the Championship play off final?
19. How much money have the EU pledged to help Mali?
20. Which two firms have been accused of fixing petrol prices?
21. What was the score between Wigan and Arsenal that saw Wigan relegated days after winning the FA Cup?
22. What was score between Man City and Reading?
23. What did Angelina Joli tell the world about last week?
24. Which British boxer had to pull out of his comeback fight?
25. Who was the UK’s highest earning musician last year?
26. Which comedian and TV presenter was arrested on suspicion of taking part in a drunken brawl in Cornwall allegedly?
27. Last week a breakthrough was announced in the field of human cloning, using which cells?
28. What was the score in the Europa League final?
29. Who scored the winning goal?
30. Who has returned to advertise Calvin Klein after a gap of 20 years?
31. A factory for ASICS products had its roof collapse in which country last week?
32. Which Hi de Hi actor passed away last week at the age of 72?
33. MP Margaret Hodge called who or what ‘evil’ last week?
34. Which World War II operation saw its 70th anniversary?
35. Which former head of both Ford ( UK) and the CBI passed away last week?
36. Newsnight issued an apology to which charity last week?
37. Who won his 100th and 101st races during the Giro d’Italia?
38. Which manager was suspended by Brighton and Hove Albion?
39. How many caps did David Beckham – who retired from football last week – win for England?
40. Who walked out of an interview with BBC Radio Scotland after branding Scots as ‘racists’?
41. Which teams are contesting the Division 2 play off?

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