Saturday, 4 May 2013

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Get Lucky
2. Menelik Watson
3. Sohel Rana
4. Andrew Cassidy
5. Gerard Butler
6. Down Hall Country House Hotel
7. Julio Diaz
8. Neonictinoids
9. Lee Bradley Brown
10. El Celler de Con Roca
11. Jason Collins
12. Abdelkadir el Janadi
Alex Wilson-Fletcher
13. Christian Benteke
14. Kim Little
15. Henning Berg
16. English Defence League
17. Allan Arbus
18. Fuentes Eufemio
19. Reginald D. Hunter
20. Philip Goodeve-Docker
21. James McCormick
22. Natalie Coleman
23. Chris Kelly
24. Viva Forever
25. Dan Llewellyn Hall
26. Joanne Chesimard
27. Jeff Hanneman

In Other News

1. IN the University League Table – Cambridge was 1st – Oxford 2nd. Which came third?
2. Who called UKIP ‘fruitcakes and closet racists’
3. Who won the awards for Best actor and Best Actress at the Oliviers?
4. Whose stolen red Chevrolet convertible has been found after 20 years?
5. Who won the PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year?
6. Which cyclist won the Tour of Romandie?
7. Which were the first two teams relegated from the Premier League?
8. What was the score between Toulon and Saracens in the Heineken Cup?
9. What was the score between Man Utd and Arsenal?
10. Which world stadium was reopened after 3 years?
11. What was the score in the Heineken cup semi final between Clermont and Munster
12. City and Guilds test papers are being sent where to be marked?
13. Name both previous winners of both PFA and Young player of the Year awards in the same year
14. Which is the top UK restaurant in the world’s top 50?
15. Which group are sponsoring Rhwbina children’s rugby team in Cardiff?
16. Which city has Britain’s tastiest tap water?
17. What was the score in the Villas v. Sunderland match?
18. What announcement did Sir Bradley Wiggins make this week?
19. Which University won University Challenge?
20. Who was announced as the captain of the British and Irish Lions?
21. Who resigned as honorary FIFA president
22. What was the score in the Champions League semi final between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund?
23. Who abdicated on 30th April?
24. Who is the new King of the Netherlands?
25. What is to be dried after 30 years of work?
26. How many representatives in the Lions squad do each of the home unions have?
27. Who said that he does not have an MP3 player?
28. Who has been charged with raping a girl in 1967?
29. Who is to face a retrial in a military court?
30. Former Hollywood actress passed away aged 91?
31. What was the score in the Bayern Munich v. Barcelona Heineken cup semi final?
32. Who announced his retirement from boxing?
33. Who met Ronnie O’ Sullivan in the semi final of the world snooker championship?
34. Which mountain is about to be named a world heritage site?
35. Who admitted indecent assault charges?
36. Which two fairy tales were named Britain’s favourite?
37. Star Wars is to be redubbed in which language?
38. How much did the plebgate bike fetch on ebay?
39. What was the score in the Chelsea v. Basle Europa League semi final?
40. What was the score in the Benfica v. Fenerbahce Europa League semi final?
41. How many local council seast were won by UKIP?
42. Which bomber is being raised from the Goodwin Sands?

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