Friday, 17 May 2013

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

1. Nigel Evans
2. Jo Swinson
3. Jacqueline Wilson
4. Jeffrey John
5. Defence Distributed
6. Tal –y-Fan
7. Matt O’Connor
8. Paul Mealor
9. Lara Stone
10. Tommy and Patrick Connors
11. Eddie Shah
12. Amanda Berry
Gina de Jesus
Michelle Knight
13. Ariel Castro
14. Sarah Brown
15. Geordan Murphy
16. Chetham’s Music School
17. Melanie Smith
18. Ray Harryhausen
19. Jolly Nero
20. Kyle Thomson
21. The Smiler
22. Inferno
23. Sean Lopes
24. Andrew Simpson
25. David Norris

In Other News

1. A plane crashed happened at an airshow in which European capital?
2. 50 what were stolen from a pet shop in Nottingham?
3. There is controversy over the election of whom as a Fellow of the Royal Society?
4. There has been anger in New York over plans to charge what entry fee to the 9/11 Museum, to be opened in the future?
5. What was the score between Chelsea and Man Utd?
6. Which team won the Blue Square Bet Premier Play off to gain entry to the football League?
7. Who won the first stage of the Giro d’Italia
8. Whom did Ronnie O’Sullivan defeat in the final of the World Snooker Championship?
9. It was revealed last week that who had asked, and was refused, Led Zeppelin to reform for a charity concert in aid of the victims of Hurricane Sandy?
10. Who ordered a samba band to stop playing outside the Gielgud Theatre?
11. Which former Chancellor of the Exchequer said that he wants Britain to leave the EU?
12. Which two teams made it to the League One play offs? Which teams did they beat?

13. Who was confirmed as Team Sky leader for the 2013 Tour de France?
14. What was the final score in the World Snooker final?
15. What was the score between Wigan and Swansea?
16. Who fractured his skull during a political rally last week?
17. Which comedian was facing sex abuse charges last week?
18. Which operating system did Microsoft admit that it will need to revamp?
19. Who alleged that pupils at his former school were abused?
20. A memorial to whom was unveiled at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire last week?
21. Staff of which train company expressed an unwillingness to wear their ‘see through’ new uniforms?
22. The Queen will not be attending the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference, which will take place where?
23. Which manager was sacked by Wolverhampton Wanderers?
24. What was the score in the Chelsea v. Spurs match?
25. Who has been controversially left out of the England RU Squad for a tour of Uruguay and Argentina?
26. Who was reinstated to the Parliamentary Conservative Party last week?
27. Which minister was accused of fabricating figures ?
28. Frank Field called for which change to the House of Lords?
29. Which film director died aged 87?
30. Who was appointed the new manager of Manchester United?
31. The BBC announced that it will be re making which popular 1970s drama series?
32. Des Lynam pledged support for whom last week?
33. The Derbyshire v. Lancashire cricket match was called off due to what?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons – facing allegations of sexual assault
2. Employment minister who collapsed with severe nut allgery
3. Writer who said that British children are more illiterate than her foreign fans
4. Openly gay Dean of St. Albans – tipped as a strong candidate to be the next Bishop of Durham
5. Company marketing the gun you can make with a 3D printer – over 100,000 blueprints downloaded
6. Hill in Snowdonia now reclassified as a mountain
7. New coach of Leicester Tigers RFC
8. Composed the song ‘Lullaby’ for William and Kate’s baby – to be sung by Hayley Westenra
9. Wife of David Walliams – just gave birth to a son, their first child
10. Jailed for slavery
11. Former Today newspaper owner, on trial for alleged rape of a school girl
12. Kidnapped women found in house in Cleveland Ohio.
13. Owner of the kidnap house in Cleveland – presumed the kidnapper
14. Wife of Gordon Brown, fined for boarding train without valid travel card
15. Ireland and Leicester rugby star retiring from rugby
16. Music school at the centre of abuse claims
17. Arsonist jailed for 30 years
18. Film special effects great responsible for Jason and Argonauts – The 7th Voyage of Sinbad – et al passed away aged 93
19. Ship which struck a central tower in Genoa Harbour
20. He threw a vegemite sandwich at Australian PM Julia Gillard
21. New roller coaster at Alton Towers – with 14 loops – the most of any roller coaster in the world at the time of writing.
22. New Dan Brown novel
23. One of New York’s most wanted criminals, found working in a Sainsbury’s store in Chatham
24. Beijing sailing gold medallist – died in tragic accident
25. Lost his appeal against his conviction for the murder of Stephen Lawrence

In Other News

1. Madrid
2. Snakes
3. Prince Andrew
4. $25
5. 1 - 0
6. Newport – defeated Wrexham 2 - 0
7. Mark Cavendish
8. Barry Hawkins
9. Bill CLinton
10. Helen Mirren
11. Nigel Lawson
12. Brentford bt. Swindon – Yeovil bt. Sheff Utd.
13. Chris Froome
14. 18 – 12 to Ronnie O’Sullivan
15. 2 - 3
16. Imran Khan
17. Jimmy Tarbuck
18. Windows 8
19. Nigel Kennedy
20. The Bevin Boys
21. Virgin
22. Sri Lanka
23. Dean Saunders
24. 2 - 2
25. Chris Robshaw
26. Nadine Dorries
27. Iain Duncan-Smith
28. He called for most of the bishops’ seats in the House of Lords to be abolished
29. Brian Forbes
30. David Moyes
31. Poldark
32. UKIP
33. A fire in a nearby disused Thornton’s warehouse

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