Saturday, 27 April 2013

News Questions

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Alisher Usmanov
2. John Cherry
3. To Be Loved
4. Giorgio Napolitano
5. Branislav Ivanovic
6. Tsegaye Kebede
7. Prisgah Jeptoo
8. Michael White
9. Parsons School of Design – New York city
10. Mark Davis
11. DNP
12. Eric Toth
13. James McCormick
14. Chris Gayle
15. The Look of Love
16. Danny Cohen
17. Sarah Stevenson
18. Caxirola
19. Enrico Letta
20. Duncan Larcombe
21. Jo Johnson MP
22. Moulton Paddocks
23. Caroline Banana
24. Robert Milkins
25. Marcus Wareing
26. Irfan Naseer

In Other News

1. What was the score in the Spurs v. Man City match?
2. What happened to panda Tian Tian in Edinburgh last year?
3. Who defeated Nadal in the final of the Monte carlo Masters?
4. Who won the SPL?
5. What was the score in the Liverpool v. Chelsea match?
6. Which team won the Championship after having qualified for the Premier League the previous week?
7. Who were the top 3 in the Bahrain GP?
8. Which Brit was 4th in the Bahrain GP?
9. Poor harvests have halted the production of which breakfast cereal?
10. GB lost a play off for the world group in the Fed Cup to which team?
11. what was the score in the Man Utd. v. Aston Villa match?
12. How many League titles has Sir Alex Ferguson won with Man Utd.?
13. Which Hollywood actress was arrested for disorderly conduct?
14. Which film topped the Time Out poll of the most romantic films of all time?
15. Who was controversially overlooked for the position of the chairman of Sport England?
16. ITV were criticized for excessively promoting what on the Alan Titchmarsh show?
17. Who last week offered to pay just a quarter of his trial costs?
18. The search for whom was officially called off last week?
19. Which two teams will contest the University Challenge final on Monday?
20. Who said GCSE Maths is too easy after sitting the paper and getting A*?
21. Which European country’s parliament gave its final approval to the Gay marriage bill?
22. How many of Mahmood al Zarroni’s horses tested positive for steroids?
23. The government appeal was rejected over what?
24. Ritchie Havens who passed away last week was famously the first act on what or where?
25. Lushan was hit by an earthquake last week – in which country?
26. what was the score in the Bayern Munich v. Barcelona European Champions League semi final? 27. Which large union is balloting members about a strike? 28. Who was re-arrested over sexual allegations last week?
29. A factory supplying which retailer collapsed in Bangladesh last week?
30. Which car topped a UK motorists satisfaction poll last week?
31. Who announced that they will split after a farewell tour in December
32. Which Hollywood actor announced he was taking part in the £1 a day food challenge?
33. How many games has Luis Suarez been suspended for ?
34. Last week which welsh legend was added to the British and Irish Lions coaching team?
35. What was the score in the Borussia Dortmund v. Real Madrid Champions League match?
36. Which D Day beach has been omitted from a French D Day tourism campaign?
37. The US Justice Deartment have launched legal proceedings against which sportsman?
38. A UN peacekeeping force has been approved for which African country?
39. Which has been voted Britain’s best University for Quality of Life?
40. On whose tour bus were drugs found in Sweden?
41. What was the score in the Europa League match between Chelsea and Basle?
42. What punishment was handed to Mahmood al Zarooni ?
43. Which rugby player suffered only minor injuries after being hit by a bus during a pub crawl?
44. who was charged by the CPS on 11 counts of Indecent assault?
45. Who will feature on the new £5 note?

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