Saturday, 6 April 2013

In the News

News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble
2. Oskar Zorilla
3. A Rush of Blood to the Head
4. Katie Walsh
5. Bertrand Picard
6. Jonathan Taylor
7. Liberty Council
8. Paul Mosley
9. Finding Dory
10. Yangbyon
11. Tony Hall
12. Connie Gustfason
13. Motorola Dyna TAC 800X
14. Rob Wilson MP
15. Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool
16. Sir James Crosby – Andy Hornby – Baron Stevenson
17. Sergei Polunin
18. Paris Brown
19. Home
20. Kamala Harris
21. Malala Yousafzai
22. H7N9

In Other News

1. Who became manager of Sunderland before facing a barrage of criticism for his alleged political views?
2. The cost of a prescription in England has risen to how much?
3. Who quit as a director of Sunderland FC?
4. Who won the University Boat Race?
5. Which legal defence is to be scrapped?
6. Whom did Andy Murray defeat in the final of the Miami Masters?
7. The launch of which helpline was aborted last week?
8. Who said he could live on £53 a week if he had to ( he doesn’t have to )
9. What was the score between QPR and Fulham?
10. Who scored the only goal in the Chelsea v. Man Utd. FA Cup tie?
11. Who left his post as Leeds Utd. manager?
12. Which author announced he has months to live with bowel cancer?
13. Who left his monkey in Customs in Munich?
14. Which international Rugby Union coach was informed that his contract will not be renewed?
15. What was the score between Barcelona and Paris St. Germain?
16. What was the score between Bayern Munich and Juventus?
17. The UN approved a treaty on what?
18. It was announced that bald men are at a greater risk of what?
19. For what did Simon Brodkin receive a 6 month conditional caution?
20. Which power company were fined £10.5 million by Ofgem
21. Which footballer was sentenced to 250 hours of community service for driving without insurance?
22. Which 87 year old actor passed away?
23. Which tennis player has been diagnosed with glandular fever?
24. What was the score between Real Madrid and Galatasaray?
25. Who announced that he is going to take a voluntary 5% pay cut?
26. The only person to win both an Oscar and a Booker prize died last week. Who was she?
27. What was the score between Chelsea and Rubin Kazan? 28. What was the score between Spurs and Basel?
29. What was the score between Newcastle and Benfica?
30. Which columnist has left the Daily Telegraph website after complaints from readers that his appointment as a columnist will dumb down the paper?
31. British embassy staff in which country were warned that their safety could not be guaranteed by the host country?
32. Which British city is at the centre of a measles epidemic?
33. BA announced plans to start phasing out what?

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