Saturday, 20 April 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. John Sweeney
2. Mark Burnett and Roma Downey
3. Redoine Faid
4. Nicolas Maduro
5. Adam Scott
6. “The Orphan Master’s Son”
7. James Harding
8. Raymond Voet
9. Connor Doran – Brandon Doran – Simon Evans
10. Marcus Campbell
11. Tim Brabants
12. Pig 26
13. Solo
14. Chris Holmes
16. Peter Stead
17. Jean Claude Mas
18. Sativa Halappanavar
19. Black Caviar
20. Opempipo Jaji
21. Marin Alsop
22. Storm Thorgeson
23. Jiroemon Kimura
24. Tamerian Tsarnaev

In Other News

1. What happened at the Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder?
2. Which position did Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead reach in the BBC chart last week?
3. What were banned in Venice last week?
4. What was the score in the Man City v. Chelsea FA Cup semi final last week?
5. Which club was relegated from the English RU Premiership last week?
6. Who won the Chinese GP?
7. What was revealed as the most played song of 2012?
8. Which honour was granted by Parliament for the Margaret Thatcher Funeral?
9. Which multiple Olympic Gold Medalist announced his retirement from competition last week?
10. Who accused John Humphrys, Jeremy Paxman, and modern political interviewers for being too aggressive?
11. Who was the caddy of the winning golfer in the US Masters?
12. An application was rejected to open the first what in India
13. What are the christian names of Margaret Thatcher’s grandchildren?
14. In which country was there a 7.8 magnitude earthquake?
15. What was the score in the Arsenal v. Everton match?
16. Cardiff City achieved promotion to the Premier League through a 0-0 draw with which team?
17. The boss of which company admitted that they had exploited a loophole to pay virtually no tax for the last three years?
18. Thursday 18th April was the 75th birthday of whom?
19. Which Commonwealth country legalized same sex marriages last week?
20. How many mourners attended the Thatcher funeral in st. Paul’s?
21. what was the score of Man Utd. v. W. Ham?
22. What was the score between Chelsea and Fulham
23. Which revelation concerning Lance Armstrong was made by the UCI last week?
24. What was the score between Man City and Wigan?
25. Which sporting figure celebrated his 80th birthday last week?
26. Who is Worcester’s new Director of Rugby?
27. Who paid a visit to Londonderry last week?
28. Where did the fertilizer plant explosion occur last week?
29. It was announced that Prince Harry will be joining a team of disabled servicemen to undertake which challenge?
30. Sanctions against which country are to be lifted by the EU?
31. John Terry refused to shake whose hand last week?
32. Which former England cricket captain passed away aged 72 last week?

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