Saturday, 13 April 2013

In the News

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Michael Norgrove
2. Paris Brown
3. 18, Victory Road, Derby
4. Ryan Mania
5. Richard de Wit
6. Lindsay Sandiford
7. James Crosby
8. Pablo Neruda
9. Ljubisa Bogdanovic
10. Fred Talbot
11. Annette Funicello
12. True Blue
13. Sir Robert Edwards
14. Derek Richardson
15. Danny Wilson
16. David Lynn
17. Hawk eye
18. George North
19. Jerome Fillot
20. Andrew Wakefield
21. Stella English
22. Gentleman Style
23. Australophithecus Sediba

In Other News

1. Which country did team GB defeat in the Davis Cup?
2. Which team will play which in the Heineken cup semi finals?
3. Where was the venue for International Pillow Fight Day last week?
4. What was the cause of Margaret Thatcher’s death?
5. UK stores put a limit on how much of what customers were allowed to buy last week?
6. What was the Man City v. Man Utd. score ?
7. Which song has been boosted into the chart as a response to the death of Margaret Thatcher?
8. Where will Margaret Thatcher’s funeral be held?
9. In which area of London were there reported street parties following the death of Margaret Thatcher?
10. Which University was granted the right to have overseas students again last week?
11. Quentin Tarantino edited his film Django Unchained for release in which country, where it was promptly banned on the opening day of release?
12. What was the score in the Champions League Galatasaray v. Real Madrid?
13. – and Borussia Dortmund v. Malaga?
14. 2 suppliers from which country were revealed to have sold meat with traces of horse tranquilliser?
15. What was the score in the Bayern Munich v. Juventus match?
16. Who came on as a supersub for Barcelona v. PSG?
17. – and what was the score in their match?
18. Which publication celebrated its 150th anniversary?
19. Team GB will face which country in their Davis Cup world group play off?
20. Who lost his voice during his national radio show?
21. Which author claimed that the English do not respect the Arts?
22. Which 4 makes of car had models recalled due to problems with airbags – they all use the same airbags?
23. What was the score in the Spurs v. Basle match?
24. Who missed the last penalty for Spurs?
25. What was the score between Chelsea and Rubin Kazan?
26. – and Newcastle and Benfica?
27. Which supermarket chain have removed three nerve agent pesticides which are harmful to bees from their supply chain?

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