Sunday, 25 July 2010

Thanks for your support again.

Yes, here we are again, on the last Sunday in July, marking the anniversary of LAM. Alright, the date of the anniversary is Tuesday 27th July, but this is the corresponding Sunday, and on a Sunday evening it was that I made my first tentative posting. Please don't bother going back to read it, it really isn't worth the effort. Little has changed indeed. Still, as Sam Goldwyn said, we've all passed a lot of water since then, and its been quite a year for LAM. This second year has seen more posts - well over 200 - than the first 12 months. Highlights for me have been our first guest post, with Andrew's fascinating account of his team's appearences on Only Connect,being asked through the blog to check out Britvic J20's new quiz, and being asked if I'd put out a plug for the World's Biggest Quiz - happy to oblige, and also being asked to put out a contestant call for Only Connect,equally happy to oblige.

Above all else this has been a great year mainly because of the new friends who have become LAM regulars since this time last year, and the regulars who have been with us for even longer, and have stayed with us. Thanks to you all.


Unknown said...

Happy anniversary LAM! Here's hoping for many more years of very enjoyable blogging. ^___^

Londinius said...

Thanks K !


Andrew B. said...

Dave - thanks again for publishing my account, and for calling it a highlight! Andrew.

Londinius said...

You're welcome, Andrew.