Saturday, 3 July 2010

Answers to June Quiz

OK - now its July I'll tell you the answers to last week's quiz : -


1) The Nizam
2) C. 750
3) Rubric
4) A portrait painter
5) Planting trees to offset deforestation
6) Lent term rowing races at Oxford
7) A duck
8) A Russian measurement of length – c. 3,500 ft.
9) A pioneer infant and baby doctor from New Zealand
10) Carey Street was the home of the Official Receiver

Set 2

1) A dam burst and the village was flooded
2) City of Destruction – Celestial City
3) The Lord preferred Abel’s sacrifice to Cain’s
4) A triode
5) It is so called because it houses the cathedra – or bishop’s throne
6) Baronet is a title that can be inherited
7) A bascule bridge
8) A wild flower found on marshland
9) Pennines
10) The bittern

Set 3
1) F.R. Leavis
2) A square root that is not a whole number
3) Lancashire
4) Vasco da Gama
5) 1944
6) Edward Hopper
7) Beta – the rest are quarks
8) Caesar and Cleopatra
9) Titus Andronicus
10) Gone with the wind

Set 4

1) Burma
2) 4
3) Vietnam
4) The Poseidon Adventure
5) The Dead Sea Scrolls
6) Julio Iglesias
7) Canadian and Kayak
8) Away
9) North Sea and Baltic
10) Stolen from Westminster Abbey


Anonymous said...

I'm quibbling with the definition of ‘surd’, which I reckon can be any root, not just square.

As it happens, I think that was the only question whose answer was something I was taught at school.

Another Anne said...

My problem with it is that in phonetics a surd can also mean a voiceless consonant.