Monday, 24 May 2010

A little more on The Chase

Anne Hegerty, our newest Chaser, has just informed me that we have to wait until this Friday for her first show as Chaser. Well, it is a lady's prerogative to keep a gentleman waiting.

One other thing she pointed out to me, which I must admit that I didn't notice, is that the tweak for this series is that the ladders in the individual contestants' rounds are actually one rung shorter. If they stick with the amount that they have won they now only have to answer 5 questions correctly, rather than 6. Which should result in more contestants going through to the Final Chase if they play cannily. This certainly seemed to be the case tonight.

If I knew how to programme it, I would be setting the DVD recorder for Friday's show now.


Another Anne said...

Hard disk Freeview recorder! Eighty quid from Argos! Then you can archive things off it onto DVD or video.

If you have something posher than Freeview ... I dunno how it would work.

Londinius said...

I have Virgin Cable, Anne, or as we call it , Bloodyexpensiveview.