Friday, 28 May 2010

Enter the Governess

A few words, then, on Anne’s first appearance as the Chaser. Yes, of course she won. You didn’t expect anything different, did you ? Well, if you didn’t know about Anne before, since watching the show you now know just how formidable a quizzer she is. To be fair to today’s challengers they gave it a fair old crack of the whip. Anne disposed of two of the four challengers comfortably in the individual rounds, and if she got any of the answers wrong I certainly didn’t notice it, but the two who remained made a good fist of the first half of the two minute round. As it went on the correct answers began to dry up a bit, and they levelled out at 21. This is not a negligible total, but I was certain that Anne would do it, and to be fair , she managed it with time enough for perhaps another 3 or 4 questions if needed.

Bradley seems to have latched onto the soubriquet “The Governess” for Anne. Fair enough. Well, anyway, its got to be better than his other offering, which unless I’m very much mistaken was , and I quote, “Frosty knickers “. I really wouldn’t stand for that from him, Anne ! I know a couple of blokes who could have a quiet word in his ear for you if you like . The repartee with the challengers was all good fun, and it was another enjoyable show. In a way Anne offers a slightly different challenge to Mark and Shaun, the ‘threat’ to the challengers is rather more subtle, but none the less effective for that, a rapier rather than a bludgeon if you like. Well done on your debut Anne – I enjoyed it a lot .

Speaking of The Chase, I did mention in my earlier review this week that Shaun Wallace was the only Humphrys-era Mastermind champion that I didn’t know via the interweb and had never met personally. I’m absolutely made up that this state of affairs was rectified yesterday. Les Morrell, who played in Monday’s show, told me that he really liked Shaun and thought that he was a top guy, and I’m delighted to say that although we only managed to have a brief chat, this was the impression that I formed as well. Shaun, if you’re reading, it really was a pleasure to meet you. A word for Mark, too. He’s been in rather merciless form this week. It may be one step easier for challengers to get into the final chase, but none of our chasers have been in charitable mood at all this week. So I look forward to seeing how close next week’s challengers get.

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