Monday, 26 October 2009

Radio Listen - BoB

Brain of Britain – Round One Heat 3/12

Heat three pitted four contenders from the Midlands, Phil Anderson, David Edwards, James Haigh and Karen Hore. David is the 1990 Mastermind champion, the first man to manage the mastermind and £1million on WWTBAM double.

Both David Edwards and Phil Anderson started briskly, while James Haigh and Karen Hore found the pace a little too hot from the start. By the halfway break for the listener’s questions, David was leading with 12 points, 5 of which were bonuses, to Phil Anderson’s 9, which also contained 5 bonuses.

The listener’s 2nd question was an interesting one – which was the last year to see both a new British Prime Minister and a new American President. The answer, which escaped the contestants, was 1976 – James Callaghan and Jimmy Carter respectively.

In Round 4, Phil Anderson and David both only managed one of their own questions, but two bonuses for Phil Anderson narrowed the gap between them to one point. This was as close as Phil was going to get, and the next round saw David score the only 5 and bonus set of the whole contest. Only James Haigh managed to answer any of his own questions in the last round. No matter, for David won comfortably in the end, with a fine score of 20 to Phil’s 14.

As always, a couple of little gems cam out during the questions. Apparently the first mobile phone call was made on a phone weighing a kilo, in the mid 70s. Also, on hearing of David Steele standing for an Italian seat in the European Parliament, Margaret Thatcher replied that she had never heard of a ‘spaghetti scotsman’ ! Good one that. I wonder who wrote it for her .

The Details

NameOwn QuestionsBonusesTotal
Phil Anderson7714
David Edwards13720
James Haigh527
Karen Hore202

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