Tuesday, 20 October 2009

BoB - or perhaps I should call this Radio Listen ( as opposed to TV Watch )

Brain of Britain - Round One - Heat 2 /12

OK, so the upshot is that dear old Robert Robinson was very unwell over the summer. I'm sure that all of our thoughts go to him, and wish him a speedy recovery. Unable to guarantee his participation at any particular stage of this year's series, he suggested to the producers that they find someone whose safe hands could steer the whole series through. Step forward Russell Davies. Hands up anyone who has listened to both shows so far and thinks Mr. Davies has put the slightest foot wrong this series. No ? Good - me too.

I thoroughly enjoyed Monday lunchtime's second heat, which pitted contestants Michael Banks, Lesley Walker, Hilary Forest and Anthony Payne. Apologies if I've spelled any of the contestants' names wrongly. While not as quirky perhaps as RR, Russell Davies has a gentle manner, with a very witty and wry sense of humour that is quite infectious. Maybe he doesn't call all the contestants Mr., Mrs. or Dr. etc. but he does at least use both christian name and surname, which is formal enough, I think. This was a good contest, although Mr. Payne took a 3 point lead in the first round, and although this was cut down to a difference of two in the second, from then onwards he pulled steadily away to finish with 16, ahead of Hilary Forest with 8, Lesley Walker with 7, and Michael Banks with 6. Well played all. At the end of the show Russell Davies announced that all of next week's contestants are from the Midlands, which answers the question about whether the heats are still all regional affairs.

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