Monday, 26 October 2009

Are You An Egghead - First Round - Heat 11 - My return to the small screen

Or put it another way, I’m glad that’s over ! Watching it, I mean. Actually playing in AYAE was actually great fun.Also it means that I have fulfilled my resolution made in January to take part in another TV quiz this year.
Tonight’s “Are You An Egghead?” was filmed back in the end of May IIRC, and its funny how you forget some of what actually happened on the show. The abiding memory that I have of the show is of what a nice guy Peter Ediss is. If you watched the show, and noticed Dermot’s comment at the end it may seem a little surprising, but what the editors have skilfully cut out is the amount of talking we were doing with each other between the questions.

Well, onto the show. I won the first round on TV, which is usually one of my stronger subjects, and I’m not totally daft, so picked Kevin. Then Peter rightfully won the Art and Books, and the Sport rounds, bringing him Barry and Daphne. That’s a serious thing to consider when you play in the show. You have to reckon that Barry and Daphne will both bring you correct answers in the final round. Then, amazingly, I won rounds on Music and Science, probably two of my least favourite rounds of all. Lucky questions brought me the Music, and lucky guesses on the third option brought me the Science.

In the final round first Kevin and then CJ dug me out of holes, contributing 2 of my 4 answers. Poor Peter was forced to use Barry for a horrible distance question, easily the hardest question of the final round. This left him to have to guess in which London thoroughfare the Ritz hotel is situated. He correctly whittled it down to 50/50, but went the wrong way. So I won without Judith by 4 points to 2, but believe me it was a lot closer than it looked on the small screen.


Rach Cherryade said...

Well played! Very enjoyable show, you were both great contestants! I enjoyed today's music and literature rounds very much, they were the only rounds I could answer any questions on whereas you both seemed to know a lot on all of the subjects which is very impressive, especially as there's nowhere to hide on AYAE since you have to play the subject you're given whether you like it or not! That's what makes it so challenging I think!Look forward to seeing you in the next round!

Best wishes,
Rachael Neiman

p.s. I see they're auditioning for teams for the next series of Only Connect, which is excellent news, so glad it's coming back!

drgaryegrant said...

Yep, an entertaining show, and you came across very well - knowing your stuff, and seeming relaxed.

Just wish I'd had a science round when I was on - would gladly have swapped you!

Londinius said...

Thanks Rachel and Gary.
The way the show worked out was a little unusual, since I would have hoped to win the TV round, which I did, but would have predicted that I would have won the sport and the Art and Lit, and lost the Music and Science !

I was actually pretty relaxed, Gary , thanks. Basically it was a result of pretty much knowing that I was highly unlikely to win the series. So that meant I could erlax and just try to enjoy it, which I did. I'm glad if that came across.

rainford said...

Yes David. Well done. A very good game with excellent knowledge on display. I look forward to seeing you in the next round.

Best wishes
David Rainford

Londinius said...

Hi David !

Thanks so much for popping by ! At the risk of becoming a mutual appreciaction society , if you read my reviews of last year's series you'll know that I was a big fan of yours last year. Are you in this series too - I haven't seen you yet.

Thanks for your kind words - I really appreciate it.

rainford said...

I was on yesterday. I was very lucky. All the very best for the remainder of the series.

David Rainford