Friday, 16 August 2013

Earlier this week I received an email from a gentleman, asking if I would put up a link to his website
I don’t automatically put up links just because people ask me to, so I did want to check it out first. Granted that it does carry advertising, but I couldn’t see any catch to it when I visited the site. You can join, but I don’t see that you need to in order to get the benefit from it.

You might remember a couple of years ago I had an email from someone posing as an enthusiast, asking me to plug their website, and when I investigated it I found out that it was owned by a company which sells people’s details to other companies. So I was rather wary, and emailed the person behind the site to ask him a few questions. To his credit he replied ,

”I decided that one of the best ways (aside from attending quizzes) to improve my quizzing knowledge would be to set up a fun website around quizzing, trivia and facts and I would, in effect, absorb vastly more knowledge than I hitherto would have.

As it's only 7 weeks old, there is relatively limited content, especially given the gargantuan effort it will take to get the site to where I want it to be. The site does not sell anything except for advertising which is there as a by-product of the site rather than a causative factor in setting the site up.

. . . I wish to immeasurably improve my general knowledge to a considerable level. Ultimately, I want the website to become a top resource for people to find interesting facts but in a usable and interesting fashion where they can actually learn something. I would like to think the general ambiance of the website contributes to this informal environment where people can learn something as opposed to merely redirecting to other sites to just see a black and white list. . .

Quizzing will naturally form a core part of this endeavour as I hope to create quizzes for every article on my site meaning that people can read something and then try and test their memory by partaking in a quiz on the subject. . .

I can ensure that there is no nefarious plot and no list-building from any clandestine dodgy company. This is an open, honest, transparent website which as the mission statement has uttered, aims to provide an informal educational resource not only for quizzers but also for those interesting in learning new facts, trivia and other nuggets of information they may not otherwise have come across.

All laudable aims, and I’m happy to promote a site with this purpose. I rather enjoyed the quizzes I played, although if I’m being horribly critical I have to say that I did notice a mistake in one of them, unfortunately the first quiz I played. In one of the Geography quizzes it asked which is furthest south – Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, and gave the answer Perth, when it is in fact Melbourne by some distance. Oh well, such nitpicking aside, you now know what the site’s all about, and if you have a little time it might well be worth your checking it out.

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