Saturday, 10 December 2011

News Questions

I’m setting the quiz this week for the rugby club, and I know that some of the guys who come down the club do check out the blog for news questions. So , sorry boys, but I’m holding back a few this week, which I’m going to use in the quiz ! Here’s the rest : -

Who or what are the following , and why have they been in the news ?

1) Eric Ryder
2) Keith Rumboldt
3) Nathan Yates
4) Amelia Hempleman Adams
5) HMS Ocean
6) Stephen Brooks
7) Mark Allen
8) Barry Morrow
9) Paul Evans
10) Gary Smith
11) Rod Blagojevitch
12) Asif Ali Zadari
13) Moshe Katsav
14) Emma West
15) James Ellington
16) Jay Lewis
17) Jenni Murray
18) Chris Ashton
19) Boris Nemtsov
20) Ben Madden
21) Leonora Sinclair
22) Gary McKinnon
23) Keppler 22b
24) Veena Malik
25) James Pryce
26) Colin Adams
27) Alan Savage
28) Michalina Lewandowska
29) Steph Warren
30) Stewart Simonson
31) Simon Beech and Garreth Foster
32) Pusuke

In Other News

1) Who won the Confucius prize - the Chinese equivalent of the Nobel Peace prize ?
2) Who has been given victory in the official results in the elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo ?
3) The BBC pulled an episode of which show featuring Jeremy Clarkson ?
4) What has finally been finished ?
5) Who has been granted a medical health tribunal to be held in public
6) Which 3 statues have been unveiled at the Emirates stadium ?
7) The last of what has been phased out in London ?
8) Which is David Cameron’s favourite soap opera ?
9) Which Oxford College is involved in a fight over its name ?
10) Where did the first all female RNLI rescue take place ?
11) What is the name of Putin’s political party , named the winners of the controversial Russian election ?
12) Who has resigned from the IOC ?
13) Manchester United fail to progress in the Champions League after defeat by whom ?
14) The UKs first rehab clinic for what has opened ?
15) Which UK town is Europe’s fastest growing tourist destination ?
16) Who had to apologise for mocking the death of a young man on Stronaway ?
17) Which film star was thrown off an American Airlines jet for playing a game on his iphone ?
18) IN which European country has the Prime Minister been named footballer of the year ?
19) The BBC has announce an end to which political broadcast ?
20) A branch of which chain last week announced Amelia Lily as the winner of the X Factor days before the final ?
21) 29 satellite dishes have been removed from what ?
22) Andrew Lansley announced a plan of how many steps for the NHS ?
23) Who has quit his cricket coaching role with Essex ?
24) What has been dismissed as a super food by the EU ?
25) What was closed to traffic due to overcrowding in the first week of December ?
26) In which EU country do people work the longest hours ?
27) Women are to allowed to serve in what for the first time in the Royal Navy ?
28) A £2 million monument to the Supermarine Spitfire is to be built where ?
29) Which tourist attraction has been bought by the council of Bad Frankenhausen in Germany for 85p ?
30) In which year did the late Dr. Socrates captain the ‘greatest team never to win the world cup’ in the world cup ?

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