Saturday, 17 October 2015

In the News

In The News

Who or What are the following and why have they been in the news?

Gladys Hooper
Nick Gargan
Mauricio Pochettino
Simon Rookyard
The Blind Man
Dickson Chumba and Florence Kiplagat
Anthony Agogo
Red Road
Angus Deaton
Alexander Lukashenko
Sue Lloyd-Roberts
Marlon James
A Brief History of 7 Killings
Danny Cohen
Johnny Gray and Ross Ford
 – and the Missing Scroll
Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil
Sir Albert Bore
Adil Rashid
Jimmy Adams
Weald of Kent
George Bingham
Toki Sekiguchi
Scenic Railway, Margate
The Silkworm

In Other News

A former chief executive of Adidas claimed that votes had been bought for which FIFA World Cup?
Which slogan was created above the Long Man of Wilmington yesterday?
Alastair Cook scored the longest test innings by an Englishman in test history with 263. How many minutes did he bat for?
Kenneth Clarke came out strongly in favour of which campaign last week
What was the RWC score between Scotland and Samoa?
And England and Uruguay?
– and Wales and Australia?
– and Ireland and France?
How much did Facebook UK pay in corporation tax last year?
What was the result of the Rugby League Grand Final last week?
Football – what was the score between Wales and Bosnia?
– and Finland and Northern Ireland?
– and Scotland and Gibraltar?
– and Poland and the Republic of Ireland?
– and England and Lithuania?
– and Wales and Andorra?
Who won the Russian GP?
The Government announced it will sell its 14% stake in which company?
Tom Watson refused to apologise for what?
Which former Nationwide and Antiques Roadshow presenter passed away last week?
Which publisher, known for their series of children’s books, introduced new titles for adults including ‘mid-life crisis’ etc?
It was claimed that Queen Victoria had once used what?
Which ‘vehicles’ were banned from roads?
Which pledge was made by Playboy magazine?
Which shop had an advert banned for oversimplifying the baking process?
Which Welsh referee will ref the NZ v France RWC ¼ final?
Name the Irish captain out of the RWC through injury?
Around 20 labour MPs defied the party whip in the vote on what?
Which company have refused to reduce hospital shop prices?
Which judges’ ruling on GCHQ caused consternation?
Stephen Fry is leaving QI – who will take over as chair?
Who had a one match stadium ban for his complaints over refs?
Who is to be released into house arrest under parole?
IN which US show did a graffiti artist outwit the producers by spraying in Arabic slogans which declared that the show was racist and rubbish?
What ruling did the High Court make about the game of Bridge?

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