Saturday, 10 October 2015

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet
Gordon Honeycombe
Hugh Scully
Pauline Cafferkey
Lord Stuart Rose
Shridar Chillal
Lord Adonis
No Villain
Monsignor Kryzstof Claramso
Golden Horn
The Smurfs
John Guillermin
Ched Evans
Ivan Basso
Taaki Kajita and Arthur McDOnald
Nadiya Hussain
Peter Ball
Thomas Lindahl – Paul Modrich – Aziz Sancar
Eastern New York Correctional Facilifty
Svetlana Alexievitch of Belarus
Riley Millington
Ivo Karlovic
Clayton Williams
Issa Hayatou

In Other News

An auction of 120 statues of whom from Bristol have raised £1m for charity?
Who missed a show following a fall at his home?
What are Waterstones removing from their shelves due to falling sales?
What was the qualifying group match score between England and Estonia?
Who is the new manager of Sunderland?
Who was sacked as Liverpool manager, and who replaced him?
How long did it take for tickets for Glastonbury to sell out?
Who is ITVs new political editor?
2 former chancellors of the exchequer passed away. Name them
What was the result in the American football match at Wembley?
RWC – Ireland v Italy?
Arsenal v Man Utd?
Who was the first celebrity out of Strictly?
Which city is applying a sugar tax to soft drinks, supposedly?
Where did the awful murder of PC David Phillips take place?
What is the England carrier bag charge?
Which famous detective author passed away?
Which team won the ladies English football premier title?
Which Italian great was ruled out of RWC through injury?
Which food group were accused of breaking their pledge on sustainability?
Which drink had an internet advert banned for suggesting that alcohol is more important than relationships?
Who left the UK to return to live in Israel?
What was used to deliver a petition to the European Commission?
Which crashed WWII plane was partially recovered in Holme, Cambs?
What happened in the South Sudan’s first ever world cup qualifier against Mauritania?
Which two teams reached the RL Grand Final?
Who equaled Jonah Lomu’s record of 15 RWC tries?
Who could not attend last week’s Privy Council Meeting?
What has been removed from vintage post boxes in Hong Kong?
Which former cricketer is on trial for perjury over match fixing?
Name the president and vice president of FIFA suspended for 90s days
Who apologized for saying that Obama is not a real black president?
Euro qualifying matches – what was the score between Northern Ireland and Greece?
– and Republic of Ireland and Germany?
– and Poland and Scotland?
Who has been charged with tax fraud in Spain?
Where is a no fly zone to be established in Britain?

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