Friday, 9 October 2015

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are following and why have they been in the news?

Writing’s on the wall
Chris Harper-Mercer
Brian Friel
Arnold Palmer
Kim Davis
Prue Leith
Shaker Aamer
Tom Brady
Mazher Mahmood
Sarah Sands
China Eden
Aidan Coleman
Lord Burns
Johanna Konta
Max Verstappen
Umpqua Community College, Oregon
The Road to Little Dribbling

In Other News

Which train company have announced that they will give instant refunds for delays in some circumstances?
The Royal Mail are to charge which fee for insufficient postage?
What caused the moon to turn red last week?
What happened to the Baital Futuh Mosque in Morden?
What was the Rugby World Cup score between Scotland and the USA?
– and Ireland and Romania?
– and Australia and Uruguay?
– and England and Wales? (sob)
– and England and Australia (waaahhhhh)
Which Brit won the cycling world road race championship?
What was the score between Spurs and Man City?
Who won the Japanese GP?
Which former great English bowler passed away?
Which book won the WH Smiths readers favourite book poll?
How much money did the Beatles’ original contract fetch at Sotherbys?
London announced it will not be hosting what?
What was the Champions League score between Chelsea and Porto?
And Arsenal and Olymiakos?
And Man Utd and Wolfsburg?
And Man City and Borussia Moenchengladbach?
Which team will Mark Cavendish be joining?
Jerry Adams will not face charges involved in the death of whom?
What have the BBC decided about the Eurovision Song Contest?
Which company announced an end to arctic oil drilling?
Whose fight with Tyson Fury has been postponed for a few weeks?
What was announced by the Girl Guide movement last week?
County Cricket championship – who had the highest batting average?
And the highest total runs?
And the best bowling average?
And the most wickets?
Which team won the cricket 2nd division?
And which team are also promoted?
Who are to buy a controlling stake in the Lotus F1 team?
Whose flag was raised at the UN for the first time?
What did Jeremy Corbyn anger front bench colleagues by saying he wouldn’t do?
Channel Four got what last week?
Who are taking over coverage of the British Open a year early?
Alcohol sales are to be allowed in which famous village for the first time?
For what would David Cameron not apologise in Jamaica?
Rugby World Cup – score between Wales and Fiji?
Who was it announced will star in the latest Meerkat advert?
A case of which animal disease was reported in Wales?
Which became the 3rd to legalise Marijuana?
In which town did a giant sinkhole appear?
The Australian cricket team postponed a tour to where over security concerns?
In the Europa League what was the score between Liverpool and Sion?
And Spurs and Monaco
And Celtic and Fehnerbahce?
Who has a new contract with McLaren
Who announced his engagement to Lance Black?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Sam Smith song – the first ever Bond theme to get to number 1 in UK chart
US college gunman – he had a British father
Irish playwright – passed away
Legendary golfer applied to build his first ever course in Scotland
US registrar who refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple – she got to meet the pope this week.
Celebrity food writer – said that her career had probably been helped by having an affair with a married man when she was young – they were later married.
Last Brit in Guantanmo Bay, who is to be released into British custody
Banksy’s theme park, being sent to Calais to be a shelter for Migrants
Indian space telescope launched
Threw his 400th career touchdown pass
‘Fake Sheikh’ charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice
Jailed for murdering convicted paedophile
Deal for the Eden Project to build a centre in China
Jockey who was assaulted in the changing rooms by members of the public at Southwell
Made to step down as chairman of Channel 4
A small asteroid which scientists will attempt to nudge off course with a satellite
British tennis player beat world number 2 Simona Halep in Wuhan Open
F1 driver who passed his driving test on his 18th birthday last week
Scene of USA college shooting
New Bill Bryson book

In Other News

Supermoon Eclipse
Subject to an arson attack
39 – 16 Scotland
44 – 10 Ireland
65 – 3 Australia
28 – 25 Wales
33 – 13 Australia
Lizzie Armitstead
4 – 1 Spurs
Lewis Hamilton
Frank Tyson
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Grande Depart of the 2017 Tour de France
2 – 1 Porto
3 – 2 Olympiakos
2 – 1 Man Utd
2 – 1 Man City
MTN Qubeka
Jean McConville
They will resurrect A Song For Europe and public voting
Vladimir Klitschko
Leaders will no longer have to retire at 65
Johnny Bairstow
Ashwell Prince
Ryan Sidebottom
C. Rushworth
Push the nuclear button
A new logo
Britain’s role in the Slave Trade
23 – 13
Nicole Kidman
St Albans
1 – 1
1 – 1
2 – 2
Jenson Button
Tom Daley

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