Sunday, 27 September 2015

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Conrad Gillespie
Francesco Totti
Jonathan Rea
Cory Allen
Call Me Dave
Emma Brockes
Viola Davies
Eddie Jones
The Brave Blossoms
Diego Coasta
Suzann Petersen
Mark Colborne
Lord Sewel
Martin Winterkorn
Yogi Berra
Simple Verse
Red Peak
List of the Lost

In Other News

Jackie Collins passed away. What was the title of her first novel?
Which team won the Solheim Cup
Which famous art critic passed away?
Which former world leader did the Pope meet?
What was the score between Chelsea and Arsenal?
Who won the Singapore GP?
Which team won the Royal London One Day Cup final?
The world’s oldest package holiday ticket was found by researchers. Name the three destinations?
Which anniversary did ITV celebrate?
Why might Andy Murray pull out of the ATP tour finals?
Who is the new French Davis Cup captain
What was the score between England’s women footballers and Estonia?
Marine Le Pen is to appear in court in France on which charge?
Which company announced it is to cut exorbitant hospital shop prices?
EU interior Ministers agreed to accommodate how many refugees?
Which group announced a comeback after 37 years?
Who announced she is leaving Chelsea?
Which team were knocked out of the Capital One cup by Hull?
Radar is going to be used in the search for the tomb of whom?
The Ashcroft book claims that Boris Johnson demanded how much for London not to make a fuss during the election campaign?
Which song did Warners lose the copyright to in the US courts?
What was the Capital One Cup score between Spurs and Arsenal?
What was the RWC score between Scotland and Japan?
– and Australia and Fiji?
700 pilgrims were crushed to death where?
Which architect walked out of a Today programme interview?
Who contacted Elton John this week?
Francis gave the first ever papal address where?
Which team were accused of breaking the spirit of rugby world cup rules?
ITV fans are up in arms about the world cup anthem World In Union – why?

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