Friday, 11 September 2015

In The News

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Lady Barbara Judge
Jean Luc Kister
Michael Jung
Rachel Atherton
Reyaad Khan, Junaid Hussain and Ruhul Amin
Rico Rodriguez
Fav Afrique
Mahlatse Ralepelle
Doug Richard
Richard ‘Abz’ Abidin Breen
Kamil Shah
Peter Ball
Kevin Anderson
Trigger Mortis
Richard Cushworth and Mercedes Casanellas
Walter Palmer
Jessy McCabe
Jeff Smisek
Dominic Inglot
Homo Naledi
Chris Henkey
Adrian Morley

In Other News

Former Archibishop George Carey took the opposite side to current encumbent Justin Welby on which issue?
Which organization protested outside Lunar House Immigration centre in Croydon?
Over 40 previously unknown stones have been discovered buried near where?
Which brand of whisky was returned to Earth after 4 years on the International space Station?
Who announced he is to launch a new political party in France?
Which University/college has the highest University Crime rate?
What was the score in the rugby friendly between England and Ireland?
– and Wales and Italy?
– and Scotland and France?
Who won the Italian GP?
Against which team did Wayne Rooney break Bobby Charlton’s England goals record with his 50th?
What was the score between Wales and Israel in the Euro qualifying match?
Who won the European Le Mans series?
What was the route of the first stage of the Tour of Britain?
What was the score in the Euro qualifier between England and San Marino?
What are the public being given the opportunity to do with storms in the UK?
A sequel is to be made to which Irvine Welsh film?
A BBC series about the Blitz was criticized for ignoring which city?
What was the extent of Wales full back Lee Halfpenny’s injury?
What was the score in the Euro qualifier between Republic of Ireland and Georgia?
– and Scotland and Germany?
– and Northern Ireland and Hungary?
– and England and Switzerland?
The Cricket Royal London one day final will be contested between which two teams?
Why did Paloma Faith have to apologise to Gibraltar?
Who said that she had been hounded by a commons select committee into publically denying doping?
Springbok great Victor Matfield has signed for which English club?
What will be the new sponsored name of the Milennium Stadium?
Which French rugby club is mired in doping accusations?
Which CBBC institution turned 30?
What was announced by Apple?
Name the Laugh In actress who passed away?
Where did a British Airways 777 catch fire?
Which city announced it will bid to be 2023 European City of Culture?
Which other Aussie Test Cricketer announced his international retirement this week?
Who won the cricket county championship?
Who announced he will stand against Michel Platini for the FIFA presidency?
REM have criticized Donald Trump for using which of their songs?
Where was a giant head of Lenin dug up?
Who quit the power sharing assembly at Stormont?
What was announced by Anne Robinson?
Which role will Robert Lindsay be recreating?
National Geographic has been bought out by whom?
Who is Jamie Murray’s partner in the US Open Mens Doubles?
Which piece of sporting equipment was sold at Christie’s for £266,500?
Pope Francis has announced visits to which 3 African countries?

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