Saturday, 5 September 2015

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Bunny May
Wes Craven
Zaheera Tariq
Natalia Strelchenko
Johanna Konta
And then there were none
Denise the Pig
20 Fenchurch Street
Diego Chaves
Aylan Al-Kurdi
PJ Kavanagh
Tom Brady

In Other News

A menu from where is expected to reach at least ₤32,000 at auction?
Episode 2 of series 5 of which show was the largest simulcast ever?
Which US musician has claimed he will run for president?
Chancellor George Osborne has announced a massive contract for which naval dockyards?
A 20 pound coin will be issued to commemorate the Queen becoming the longest reigning British monarch ever. On which date?
A massive explosion in a fireworks factory occurred in which country?
Which museum founder passed away last week?
Whose deal to be sold to Real Madrid collapsed?
Kim Catrall has been announced as a guest editor of which radio show?
Where is the world’s first hepatitis summit going to be held?
Which famous logo was redesigned radically this week?
– and whose logo was scrapped this week after claims of plagiarism?
Who was it announced will ride this year’s Tour of Britain?
A deal for Nissan Sunderland to make which car was announced?
Which monarch did the Historical Writers’ Association decide was the best of all time?
Who was reappointed CEO of News UK?
Which TV personality revealed she has had a benign brain tumour for several years?
Bill Turnbull is leaving BBC Breakfast time to look after what?
Welsh rugby will be the first to trial what?
What was photographed in British waters for the first time this week?
Who was forced to pull out of the Vuelta with a fracture?
Which ruling did the Vatican announce on eligibility to be God parents?
Which chain announced that they will stop keeping some of the tips given on credit cards, and instead pass them all on to staff?
6 columns of tractors brought traffic to a standstill in which city?
What was the score in the Euro qualification match between Wales and Cyprus?

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