Saturday, 26 July 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Ellar Coltrane
2. Emily Benn
3. Cynthia Robinson
4. Evan Davies
5. Alexander Borodai
6. Alistair McCreath
7. Mazher Mahmood
8. Adam Walker
9. Joko Widodo
10. Estimate
11. Karl Albrecht
12. Fred Evans
13. Nick Matthew
14. Beth French
15. Allen Margarethe Loj
16. The Whale
17. Angelo Adkins
18. Joseph Rudolf Wood
19. Ross Murdoch
20. Louise and Kimberley Renicks

In Other News

1. Which two players were joint second placed in the Open?
2. Who won the German GP?
3. What position did Tiger Woods finish in the Open?
4. Which Anglican Cathedral announced a need to raise £24 million for repairs?
5. Which US TV and film actor passed away aged 86?
6. Which origanisation is considering establishing an outpost in London’s Olympic Park?
7. Who claimed the Number 10 had on occasion said that he was ill to prevent him from appearing on TV?
8. Steven Gerrard has retired from international football having won how many caps?
9. A building in Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral has been dedicated to whom?
10. Nick Griffin was ousted from the leadership of which organization?
11. Which England player ruled himself out of the rest of the test series with India with injury?
12. Which world leading heptathlete was ruled out by injury on the eve of the Commonwealth Games?
13. A Hand injury forced whom out of his clash with Tyson Gay?
14. Us Flags were mysteriously replaced with white flags on which building by persons unknown?
15. In which country are the MH17 black boxes being examined?
16. What does Aldi actually stand for?
17. For which club has FIFA world cup 2014 Golden Boot winner James Rodriguez signed?
18. Who is the new football coach of Brazil?
19. What did the Peaches Geldof inquest determine as the cause of her death?
20. Which comedienne actress passed away aged 91?
21. Which two people won the coveted Rear of the Year title?
22. Which single went triple platinum this week, being one of only 5 to do so in 20 years?
23. Why did Mo Farah pull out of Glasgow 2014?
24. Who won England’s first gold medal?
25. Which well known actress was reported as joining the cast of the Archers?

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