Saturday, 5 July 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

1. HMS Queen Elizabeth
2. Laura Trott
3. International GCSEs
4. Gymkhana
5. Stephanie Kwolek
6. Nick Kyrgios
7. Angelique Kerber
8. Lou Vincent
9. Victoria Derbyshire and Shelagh Fogarty
10. Grigor Dmitrov
11. Steve Frazer
12. Fabien Cousteau
13. Billy Boston
14. Susi Wolff
15. David Knight and Edward Huzzey
16. Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Snowdonia
17. Tony Fernandes
18. Lacey Jonas
19. X
20. Blencathra

Other News

1. Which area of England was revealed as the UK’s most expensive per square mile outside of London?
2. Which trial resumed on the last day of June?
3. Who were the first company to promise the Living Wage to staff?
4. Who was the unlikely headline success at Glastonbury?
5. Which event of the Muslim calendar began last week?
6. What was the result of the Brazil v. Chile last 16 match?
7. – and Netherlands v. Mexico?
8. – and Colombia v. Uruguay?
9. Who won the men’s 100m at the British championships last week?
10. Of how many counts was Rolf Harris found guilty last week?
11. What was declared by ISIS last week?
12. Which show was cleared of breaching broadcasting rules by OFCOM?
13. Who headed the Forbes Magazine list of the most powerful celebrities?
14. For what are Andy Coulson and Clive Goodman to be retried?
15. Who was ruled to be not mentally ill?
16. Which group announced a final tour?
17. Which British rider was excluded from the Tour de France by his team Garmin?
18. Who called the Pythons ‘wrinkly old men’?
19. Which French politician was arrested for questioning on corruption charges?
20. Which famous, if not infamous, work of art sold for £2.2 million?
21. Which popular children’s animated figure is to make a comeback?
22. How many saves did US goalkeeper Tim Howard make against Belgium?
23. Whose helicopter was hit by rockets – he wasn’t in it.
24. Who wouldn’t answer a Maths question posed by a 7 year old?
25. Which radio programme was rebuked for giving undue prominence to climate change?
26. Which Brazilian footballer was ruled out of taking any further part in the world cup?
27. Which two players will contest the Wimbledon ladies’ singles?
28. What was the final score in the Brazil v. Colombia ¼ final?
29. – and the Germany v. France ¼ final?
30. What was the length of sentence given to Rolf Harris, which was immediately criticized as too lenient?
31. What sentence was given to Andy Coulson for phone hacking?
32. Which company have been ordered to pay back £1 million for miss -selling?
33. Who defeated Grigor Dmitrov in their semi-final in Wimbledon?

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