Saturday, 19 July 2014

In The News

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Mario Gotze
2. Shaun the Sheep
3. Nicky Morgan
4. Liz Truss
5. Stephen Crabb
6. Sarah Vine
7. Lord Hill
8. Jose Antonio Vargas
9. Gareth Warbuton
10. MH17
11. Rammasun
12. Lord Blencathra
13. Jonathan Tiernan-Locke
14. Travellers Club
15. David Ross
16. Elaine Stritch
17. Philipp Lahm

In Other News

1. IN the FIFA world cup who won the Golden Ball?
2. – and the Golden Boot?
3. – and the Golden Glove
4. Who visited Nigeria to try to help to free the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram
5. The last member of the Ramones passed away last week – who?
6. Which ship was refloated last week?
7. Which former Olympian officially came out to Michael Parkinson last week?
8. How many moto GP races has Marc Marquez won consecutively this season?
9. What was the result of England’s first test v. India?
10. Which team were relegated from Rugby League’s Super League last week?
11. Who sang at the world cup closing ceremony?
12. What was the result of the World Cup 3rd place play off?
13. Which controversial vote was passed by the General Synod of the Church of England last week?
14. Who stood down from her appointment to head the Child Abuse Inquiry?
15. Which member of the Cabinet quit last week?
16. – and which retired after 22 years as a minister?
17. Which former Nobel Prize for Literature laureate passed away?
18. Which unusual method of publishing a short story did author David Mitchell announce that he would use?
19. Who broke his leg on stage 10 of the Tour de France?
20. Man Utd. signed a record deal of £750m with which kit supplier?
21. Who saw their drug ban reduced to 6 months?
22. Which Sri Lankan announced his retirement from test Cricket?
23. The ceasefire in Gaza lasted how long?
24. Who is the new Foreign Secretary?
25. Who became South Africa’s first full time non white Test cricket captain?
26. Which England cricketer was formally accused of pushing and abusing Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja?
27. The last of England’s 2003 World Cup winning side announced his retirement from top flight rugby last week – who?
28. The Tate Modern has seen a controversy over the authenticity of some of the works in an exhibition of whose work?
29. According to YouGov – what is the UK’s favourite brand?
30. Which museum reopened after a £40m refurbishment?
31. Which former Head of state is suing the makers of Call of Duty for using him as the villain in one of their games?
32. According to reports last week, Marvel are changing which superhero from male to female?
33. Tony McKoy equaled whose total of winners last week?
34. AN outbreak of which disease has occurred in the Commonwealth Village?
35. Which Marvel superhero is to mutate into the new Captain America?
36. What was Rory McIlroy’s score on the first day of the Open?
37. – and where is it being played?
38. What is England’s latest FIFA world ranking?
39. Rio Ferdinand has been transferred to which club?
40. What has Nico Rosberg been banned from using on his helmet?
41. Who was cleared of all charges by an Italian appeal court?
42. Which TV show may have to change its name in the UK following a ruling in the High Court?
43. What is the name of Jessica Ennis-Hill’s baby son?

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