Friday, 18 October 2013

In The News

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Czechia
3. Charlie Hunnam
4. Maria de Villota
5. Victor Hepworth
6. David Belmar
7. Arnold Gjergjaj
8. Lauren Patterson
9. Andrew Walliker
10. Jozef Metelka
11. Eleanor Catton
12. The Luminaries
13. V53
14. Rufus Norris
15. Carson Yeung
16. Branka Delic
17. Jo Swinson
18. Eleanor Laing
19. Hans Riegel
20. Bryan Sykes
21. Harry Wilson
22. Gloria de Piero

In other news

1. What was the score between England and Montenegro?
2. Who scored the goals for England?
3. Where did Sir Richard Branson say that he had moved purely for the good of his health?
4. Where were six red cross workers abducted?
5. 91 people were tragically killed in a stampede at an Indian Temple – where?
6. Who won the Japanese GP?
7. Cardiff Blues were somewhat surprisingly beaten by which team in the Heineken Cup?
8. Which comedienne appealed on Twitter for the return of her laptop?
9. Who was the second person voted out of Strictly?
10. Why were restrictions placed on this year’s Hajj?
11. Rory McIlroy has split with whom?
12. Who sold some of his canvases for $60 a pop in New York?
13. What did Amazon reveal as their fastest ever selling product?
14. Which High Street retailer were accused of allegedly avoiding up to £1 billion in taxes?
15. Which classic children’s TV programme is to be revived after 45 years?
16. Which Epsom Derby winner retired?
17. Which former world athletics champion has had his lottery funding stopped?
18. Who scored England’s goals against Poland?
19. In a BBC History poll, who was voted Britain’s best dressed man ever?
20. What happened to Tian Tian the Edinburgh Zoo panda?
21. Where did Boris Johnson visit?
22. What has happened to the French version of the Lord’s Prayer?
23. What was the score between Scotland and Croatia?
24. – and Wales and Belgium?
25. Who is the manager of the Russian football team who also qualified for the world cup in Brazil?
26. Where will the Hillsborough Disaster Inquiry take place?
27. Which country is the world’s 2nd biggest Twitter market?
28. What was the outcome of the Supreme Court vote on prisoners’ right to vote?
29. Which boxing manager/promoter has walked away from the sport?
30. Who is the new Managing Director of English Cricket?
31. Many schools were closed due to industrial action by which teaching unions?
32. Whose autobiography, titled “Autobiography” was published this week?
33. England have risent o which position in the FIFA world rankings?
34. Who advised customers to switch from British Gas following their 9% price hike?
35. Who became the BBC’s new economics editor?
36. Roy Hodgson found himself in hot water over an allegedly racist comment to which England player at half time in the Poland match?

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