Friday, 11 October 2013

Answers to News Questions

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Orbital Services Corp.
2. Rui Costa
3. Wilson Kipsang
4. Mad About The Boy
5. ‘Stephen Ward’
6. Johnny Greaves
7. Liam Adams
8. Amanda Hutton
9. Oskarsholm Nuclear Plant
10. Ron Hogg
11. Ni Zhaoxing
12. The Kill List
13. Lampedusa
14. Ronan Farrow
15. Sebastian Ogier
16. Simon Burns
17. Miriam Carey

In Other News

1. A famous lighthouse from which TV series was saved by Australian firefighters?
2. Which city hosted the Conservative Party Conference?
3. Who criticized Health Club members?
4. The Olympic Torch began its journey to which city?
5. What was the score, and who were the teams in the American Football match at Wembley last week?
6. Which team are English women’s football league champions?
7. Who is the new president of the MCC?
8. What was the score between Liverpool and Sunderland?
9. – and Spurs and Chelsea?
10. – Man City and Aston Villa?
11. – Man Utd. and West Brom?
12. Who escaped a ban for scratching during the Spurs v. Chelsea match?
13. Who was sacked as Derby County Manager?
14. Which 60s and 70s children’s TV series is to be remade?
15. Which two popes will be officially canonized at the end of April 2014?
16. Who took Channel 4 to an industrial tribunal last week over claims he was sacked through ageism?
17. Which stadium closed for the last time last Monday?
18. Who is the new head coach of Derby County?
19. Who introduced George Osborne at the Conservative Party Conference?
20. Who ruled himself out of the running to become Director of England cricket teams for the ECB?
21. In county cricket’s first division, who had the highest batting average?
22. – and who took the most wickets?
23. What was the score between Chelsea and Steau Bucharest?
24. – and Celtic and Barcelona?
25. Which paper said that Ralph Milliband hated Britain, upsetting his son Ed?
26. Who was given the all clear after prostate surgery?
27. There were protests in Newport over plans to destroy which mural?
28. Name the three brothers in the England Rugby League World Cup squad
29. What was the score between Arsenal and Napoli?
30. Who was kicked out of his seat amongst home fans for celebrating Cardiff City’s goal at Craven Cottage?
31. Who had the best batting average in cricket’s division two?
32. – and who took the most wickets ?
33. Which former Wimbledon finalist announced his retirement from tennis?
34. David Cameron announced plans to cut benefits for which group?
35. A public survey voted whom as the most influential British engineer?
36. Who denounced UKIP as racist?
37. Which author died aged 66?
38. An as yet unnamed character is to be killed off in which TV series?
39. What was the score between Man Utd. and Shakhtar Donetsk?
40. – and Man city and Bayern Munich?
41. Which jockey broke his ankle last week?
42. Which poem by Dylan Thomas did Prince Charles record for National Poetry Day?
43. Which company apologized to Kevin Pietersen over suggestions that he may have tampered with Hot Spot?
44. Which African country left the Commonwealth last week?
45. Tony Blair has been retained to help which country in its bid for entry to the EU?
46. What was the score between Spurs and Anzhi Makhachkala
47. – and Swansea and St. Gallen?
48. – and Wigan and N.K.Maribor?
49. Which veteran MP announced that he will be standing again in 2015?
50. Who is rewriting Jane Austen’s “Emma”?
51. Which Asian country qualified for their first ever cricket world cup finals?


Who or what are the wollogin and why have they been in the news?

1. The first private company to send a supply ship to the International Space Station
2. Winner of world cycling road race championship
3. Broke the world record for the Marathon in Berlin. New record – 2:03:23
4. New Bridget Jones novel in which Mark Darcy is killed off
5. New Andrew Lloyd Webber musical
6. Boxer who retired after 100 fights, having won 4
7. Brother of Gerry Adams, accused of raping daughter
8. Found guilty of manslaughter of son Hamzah Khan, after keeping his mummified body for two years
9. Shut down by a huge swarm of jellyfish
10. Durham Police and Crime Commissioner under investigation for allegedly accepting benefits to which he was not entitled
11. Chinese businessman who announced his plans to rebuild the Crystal Palace
12. New novel by Frederick Forsyth
13. Island off which boat carrying hundreds of African migrants sank with large loss of life
14. Son of Mia Farrow – she announced that Frank Sinatra could have been his father
15. World Rally Driving champion
16. Resigned position as Transport minister to stand for Deputy Speaker
17. Driver who crashed barriers near the White House, then was chased by police and shot

In Other News

1. Home and Away
2. Manchester
3. Duncan Bannatyne
4. Sochi
5. Minnesota Viking – 34 – Pittsburgh Steelers 27
6. Liverpool
7. Mike Gatting
8. 3 - 1
9. 1 - 1
10. 3 – 2 to Villa
11. 2 – 1 to West Brom
12. Fernando Torres
13. Nigel Clough
14. Thunderbirds
15. John XXIII and John Paul II
16. John McCrirrick
17. Don Valley Stadium
18. Steve McLaren
19. Karren Brady
20. Andrew Strauss
21. Joe Root
22. Graham Onions
23. 4 - 0
24. 1 – 0 Barcelona
25. Daily Mail
26. Billy Connolly
27. The Chartist Mural ( it’s very good too )
28. Sam, Tom and George Burgess
29. 2 - 0
30. Neil Kinnock
31. Simon Katich
32. Alan Richardson
33. David Nalbandian
34. Under 25s
35. Alexander Graham Bell
36. Michael Heseltine
37. Tom Clancy
38. The Simpsons
39. 1 - 1
40. 3 – 1 to Bayern Munich
41. Frankie Dettori
42. Fern Hill
43. Specsavers
44. Gambia
45. Albania
46. 2 - 0
47. 1 - 0
48. 3 - 1
49. Kenneth Clarke
50. Alexander McCall Smith
51. Afghanistan

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