Thursday, 27 December 2012

Wiki questions - Toulouse Lautrec and McFly

Right then, as promised a set of wiki derived questions for two of tonight’s sleb specialist rounds. I was a little disappointed with Toulouse Lautrec’s wiki page – there wasn’t a huge amount about the works in that.

Toulouse Lautrec

1. What was the full name of Toulouse Lautrec ?
2. In 2005 which of his paintings sold for $22.4 million at Christies in New York ?
3. Where was he born ?
4. What was the name of his father ?
5. Who was the first person to give the young Henri informal drawing lessons ?
6. Where did the young Henri take thermal baths in the hope that it would aid his health and development ?
7. Which bone did Henri fracture at the age of 13 ?
8. What relationship were his parents ?
9. Which genetic disorder, from which he may have suffered, has been nicknamed Toulouse Lautrec Syndrome ?
10. How tall was he as an adult ?
11. Under which successful portrait painter did Henri study in Montmartre ?
12. In 1882, after Bonnat moved from Paris, with whom did he study for the next five years ?
13. In 1887 Henri exhibited in an exhibition in Toulouse, using which assumed name ?
14. Which critic invited Henri to exhibit 11 pieces in Le Vingt in Brussels in February 1887 ?
15. Who bought the painting Poudre de Riz for the Coupil et Cie gallery ?
16. Which model did Henri use in several paintings including La Blanchisseuse ?
17. Louise Weber was immortalized in one of Lautrec’s posters for the Moulin Rouge – what was her stage name ?
18. Which writer did Henri befriend and immortalize in a portrait which he painted in a visit to London ?
19. Which cocktail was supposedly invented by Henri ?
20. Where did Henri die at the age of 36 ?
21. Where is he buried ?
22. Henri designed a famous poster for whose cabaret at the Ambassadeurs ?
23. Which dancer, who is named in other posters, features in his poster “Divan Japonais “
24. As a member of which social circle did he become friendly with the Natanson brothers, Tristan Bernard and Romain Coolus ?
25. Henri contributed a few illustrations to which magazine in the mid 1890s ?
26. What were reputedly Henri’s last words ?


1. Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse Lautrec Monfa
2. La Blanchisseuse
3. Chateau de Malromé near Albi
4. Comte Alphonse
5. Rene Princeteau
6. Amelie les Bains
7. Right femur
8. First cousins
9. Pycnodysostosis
10. 5ft 1 / 1.54m
11. Leon Bonnat
12. Fernand Cormon
13. Treclau
14. Octave Maus
15. Theo Van Gogh
16. Carmen Gaudin
17. La Goulue
18. Oscar Wilde
19. Tremblant de Terre / Earthquake
20. Malromé
21. Verdelais
22. Aristide Bruant
23. Jane Avril
24. Revue Blanche
25. Le Rire
26. Le Vieux Con ( The Old Fool )


1. The band took their name from a character in which series of movies ? ( give up if you get that wrong ! )
2. Following their launch the band signed with which record label, with which they stayed until 2007 ?
3. What is the name of their own label ?
4. The band were given a leg up when they supported which other band on their 2004 tour ?
5. In which category did they win a 2005 Brit Award ?
6. The band became the youngest ever to have an album debut at number 1 . What was the title of this debut album ?
7. The band’s 4th studio album was given away free with which newspaper before being released for sale commercially ? 8. In which 2006 film did the band appear as themselves ?
9. When Tom Fletcher auditioned to join Busted, who did he lose the place in the band to ?
10. When Island records were beginning auditions for the band, what was its projected name ?
11. Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd were recruited to the band through an advert in which paper ?
12. What was the title of the band’s debut single, and first number 1 ?
13. The title of the debut album Room on the 3rd floor was taken from the room where Jones and Fletcher wrote most of the album in which hotel ?
14. Which song was on the other side of the double A single which included It’s All About You ?
15. All the profits from It’s All About You Were donated to which cause ?
16. McFly were one of the headline events in the Live8 event in which country ?
17. Which ride at Alton Towers was renamed for a month to celebrate the release of the band’s 2005 album Wonderland ?
18. Which Queen song was released as a double A side with the band’s Please Please single in 2006 ?
19. Which of the group’s songs was heard in the film “Night at the Museum” ?
20. Which artist supported the band on their 2007 Up Close and Personal tour ?
21. Where did the band record the crowd singing "we don't care" which was later used on their single "One for the Radio".
22. Which disc did the band release in aid of Children in Need in 2008 ?
23. In June 2009 the band did three concerts in support of which organisation ?
24. With whom did the band co write the single Shine a Light ?
25. What was the title of the band’s 40 minute movie, released on DVD exclusively in HMV stores ?
26. Who was Harry Judd’s partner when he won the 9th series of Strictly Come Dancing ?
27. With whom did McFly team up to make their first range of jewellery ?

28. Which McFly song did Chris Moyles play every Friday on his Radio 1 Breakfast show from 2010 until 2012 ?
29. What is the title of the band’s autobiography, released in 2012 ?
30. In 2005 the band made a guest appearance in which BBC drama ?
31. What was the title of the 2007 Dr. Who episode in which the band made a cameo appearance ?
32. Which band member won the 11th series of I’m a Celebrity


1. Back to the Future
2. Island Records
3. Super Records
4. Busted
5. Best British pop act ?
6. Room on the 3rd Floor
7. The Mail on Sunday
8. Just My Luck
9. Charlie Simpson
10. V
11. NME
12. 5 colours in her hair
13. The InterContinental Hotel in London
14. You’ve got a friend
15. Comic Relief
16. Japan
17. Nemesis
18. Don’t Stop Me Now
19. Friday Night
20. L’il Chris
21. Annadale Hotel, Sydney
22. Do ya / Stay with me
23. The Forestry Commission
24. Taio Cruz
25. Nowhere Left To Run
26. Aliona Vilani
27. Gioia
28. Star Girl
29. Unsaid Things
30. Casualty
31. The Sound of Drums
32. Dougie Poynter


joe said...

Tonight's show was a bad joke. 'Mastermind' cheapened for the 'Eastenders' audience. What's the point in a series of GK questions along the lines of 'What's the capital of Wales'?

Londinius said...

Hi Joe

I understand where you're coming from , without necessarily agreeing that the show was a joke.

It's no secret that the celebrity shows are 'easier' than the regular shows. In fact while he was talking to the audience in my grand final, John Humphrys made a point of saying just that. I don't imagine that many people would honestly believe that if a celbrity scores well on this show, they would be a contender on the regular show.

The purpose of the show really isn't to humiliate any of the celebs by showing up their ignorance, although this has certainly happened on occasion. The fact is that the celebrities are giving up their time, and risking looking like a bit of a berk, to help a chosen charity. So it's unrealistic to expect that this is going to be a very serious test of general knowledge.

Do they make it too easy ? It's certainly a delicate balancing act, and yes, there were one or two questions where I thought they had gone a little too far - the Cardiff one being a good case in point. But by and large I thought that the questions were pretty much of the level you usually get on the sleb shows.