Saturday, 15 December 2012

Double Bubble In The News

Yes, last week I spent the weekend in Worthing, giving my folks the joyous news that they are going to be great grandparents in the summer, and so I never managed to compile the news for that week. Never fear though - they are all here in one , bumper, fortnight's edition. Enjoy.

Week of 8th December

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Jatenderpaul Singh Bhullar
2. David Rawle
3. Mark Joyce
4. Keith Johnson
5. Elizabeth Price
6. Brett Straub
7. Owen Roberts
8. Peter Bowers
9. Ellen Gandy
10. John McAfee
11. Nancy Huston
12. Richard Neiuwenhuizen
13. Michael Christian and Kate Grieg
14. 2Day FM
15. Eldwick Primary School, Bingley
16. Bopha

In Other News

1. Who won “I’m A Celebrity “ ?
2. Which comic is only now available in an online version ?
3. The Louvre museum is to open a branch in which Northern French town ?
4. By which score did MK Dons beat AFC Wimbledon ?
5. By Which score did a magnificent England rugby team defeat New Zealand ?
6. What was the score in the Wales v. Australia test match ?
7. David Beckham played his last game for LA Galaxy in the MLS final against which team ?
8. Which fashion house founders are on trial for tax evasion ?
9. Author David Relin committed suicide. What is the title of his famous book ?
10. Name the other members of England’s Rugby World Cup Group ?
11. Which of the six nations is in the same group as Samoa and South Africa ?
12. Which of the six nations is in the same group as France and Italy ?
13. Which weapons have been deployed by NATO to protect Turkey from Syria ?
14. Who is the PGA Tour Player of the Year ?
15. Ronnie O’Sullivan is said to be negotiating his return to snooker for what ?
16. In his Autumn statement the Chancellor revealed that Austerity will continue until which year ?
17. Which former TV personality was detained by police in response to allegations of sexual assault ?
18. In 2013 which group will be performing gigs at the Tate Modern ?
19. Which jazz legend passed away ?
20. Skyfall is now the most successful film ever at the box office in the UK – which film has it knocked from the top slot ?
21. Netflix announced a deal to show the films of which studio ?
22. What penalty did Frankie receive for his drug offences ?
23. Alastair Cook took the record for hitting 23 test centuries for England. Who was the first English batsman to hit 22 ?
24. Which world leader recorded a spoof end of the world video ?
25. Which media figure was held by police on sex claims and then released ?
26. How much money are Starbucks volunteering to pay over 2 years ?
27. Name the architect who died at 104 ?
28. What was the score in the Varsity Rugby match ?

In the News – 15th December

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. James Arthur
2. Mehr
3. Juan Manuel Marquez
4. Nicolas Maduro
5. Matthew Stott
6. The Snowman and the Snowdog
7. Impossible
8. Huw Lloyd Langton
9. Edward Devenny
10. Hannah Miley
11. The Tallow Candle
12. Wlodimierz Umaniec / Vladimir Umamets
13. Saser Muztagh
14. Adam Lanza
15. Joe Root
16. Norman Woodland

In Other News

1. Sir Patrick Moore passed away at which age ?
2. Which European PM resigned ?
3. Who scored the highest number of goals in a calendar year, and whose record did he beat ?
4. What was the score in Man Utd v. Man City ?
5. Who was hit by a coin thrown in that match ?
6. England won the 3rd Test by which margin ?
7. Gerard Depardieu was reported as moving into tax exile in which country ?
8. What was the top trending term on Twitter in 2012 ?
9. Who said that his daughter made him vote for Will Young on Pop Idol – which took place 2 years before she was born ?
10. Who reached an out of court settlement over sexual assault allegations ?
11. What was the most tweeted event of 2012 ?
12. What is the first African city to have its own version of Monopoly ?
13. Who will be joining the cast of “Waterloo Road” ?
14. What is the population of the UK according to the 2011 census ?
15. What is the title of the Spice Girls musical which opened this week ?
16. Who wrote it ?
17. Which team beat Arsenal on penalties in the Capital One cup ?
18. Which team beat Norwich 4 -1 in the same competition ?
19. Which Welsh rugby union player is out of the 6 nations due to the need for surgey on his Achilles tendon ?
20. Which controversial referee will take charge of England’s first 6 Nations match ?
21. Who claims that Max Clifford gave his personal details to the News of the World ?
22. Who made his first ever tweet on 12/12/12 ?
23. Which is the only British destination to make the Rough Guides’ Top 10 Must See destinations ?
24. Which country claimed that they launched their first satellite last week ?
25. Which famous world musician passed away last week ?
26. Liverpool FC apologized to Fulham FC for ‘tapping up’ which player ?
27. Who was banned for verbally abusing referee Mark Clattenburg ?
28. Who did Warren Gatland announce as his British and Irish Lions coaching team ?
29. who is the US Ryder Cup 2014 captain ?
30. Which team did Swansea City beat in their Capital One Cup ¼ final ?
31. Kauto Star will now begin to compete in which sport ?
32. Chelsea beat which team in the semi final of the world club challenge ?
33. Alexander Litvinenko was announced to have been a spy for whom ?
34. The technique of fracking, given a go ahed from the government last week, is specifically used in the UK for extracting what ?
35. What was the derisory amount of the fine given to the Serbian FA for the racism of its fan towards the England under 21 team ?
36. Which rugby player was banned for two weeks for stirking Rory Best ?
37. Who will captain England in the T20 matches against India ?
38. The BBC’s first visible newsreader died last week. Who was he ?
39. What punishment was handed out to former MP Margaret Moran last week ?
40. Where will the 2014 Tour de France begin ?
41. Which alleged hacker had charges against him dropped last week ?
42. In which state is the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a terrible massacre took place last week ?

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