Saturday, 1 December 2012

News Questions

In the news Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Vyacheslav Shenchenko ?
2. Mark Carney
3. Angus T. Jones
4. Bruce Buck
5. Jo Jackson
6. Paddy Harverson
7. Polpo
8. Waiting to Be Heard
9. Powerball
10. Continental Airlines
11. Andrew Hore
12. Richard Dawson
13. Sarah Champion
14. Andy McDonald
15. Steve Reed
16. Enrique Pena Nieto

In Other News

1. Which actress, known for The Railway Children and Genevieve, passed away aged 92 ?
2. What became Youtube’s most popular video ever ?
3. Who was mistaken for the king of England and Boris Becker in India ?
4. Which two countries pulled out of next year’s Eurovision Song Contest last week ?
5. Which US TV actor passed away aged 81 ?
6. What was the score between Chelsea and Man City ?
7. Andy Robinson quit as Scotland rugby Union coach following defeat by whom ?
8. What was Kevin Pietersen’s score in the first innings of the 2nd test ?
9. How many consecutive world driver’s titles has Sebastian Vettel now won ?
10. What was the score of the Spurs v. West Ham match ?
11. Who won the DP world tour golf championship ?
12. who is the new manager of QPR ?
13. What were the scores in the rugby union Autumn internationals between : - South Africa and England ? 14. – France and Samoa ?
15. – Ireland and Argentina ?
16. – Italy and Australia ?
17. – Wales and New Zealand ?
18. Who won the Brazilian Grand Prix ?
19. Which former Man Utd and Chelsea manager passed away, aged 82 ?
20. Who have announced that they will withdraw their sponsorship of the Grand national after 2013 ?
21. Who are the 12 people on the shortlist for BBC Sports Personality of the Year ?
22. England won the second test by how many wickets ?
23. Which council are at the centre of the UKIP fostering row ?
24. Who criticized Michael Gove for not understanding the importance of school meals ?
25. Which unusual vehicle has been made available for hen parties in the Republic of Ireland ?
26. Whose body has been exhumed for tests ?
27. There was a memorial service for which Coronation Street actor last week ?
28. Who said that Michael Gove should be incarcerated in one of his sculptures ?
29. Who paid a three day state visit to the UK ?
30. Which cartoon character was not allowed to turn on the Christmas lights in Wolverhampton, through Health and Safety concerns ?
31. Who is the WTA women’s tennis newcomer of the year ?
32. How many Supermarine Spitfires are to be excavated in Burma ?
33. Which international cricketer announced his retirement last week ?
34. Palestine was upgraded in terms of UN status from what to what last week ?
35. Who was arrested in Paris for drunk driving his scooter ?
36. UK announced that it is withholding aid from which African country ?

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