Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Mastermind Quiz Book

I was surfing through Amazon earlier, and it came to my attention that a new Mastermind quiz book is due to be published in Spetember of this year. That's good news. If you've ever visited my quiz pages you might know that I have a real soft spot for quiz books, and as far as I know I have a copy of all the Mastermind quiz books that have been published.

The first 3 books - Mastermind 1, 2 and 3 were all BBC paperbacks published in the 1970s. These three were all put together as one large hardback. There's still a lot of copies of this one about, and it's still not that unusual to find one for sale in a car boot sale.

There was also a Mastermind 4 paperback - which is a lot less common than the earlier books. This one was published fairly soon after the 1982 Champion of Champions tournament, from which it takes some of its questions.

There was also a Mastermind Winners Quiz book which was published in 1984. It only conatins the questions which the champions up to that time had been asked , and as some of these were already in the hardback collection it wasn't necessarily the best value out there.

Back to the new book. The front cover on Amazon boasts an introduction by John Humphrys. It also informs us that all of the questions are taken froom the Mastermind Archives. Sounds fine, but I'd be interested to know whether in practice this means just from the Humphrys era, or whether the questions include sets from the Magnus era as well. Oh well, I suppose we only have to wait until Spetember to find out.

If you're interested in old TV Tie in quiz books, here's a quick link to my web page : -
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DanielFullard said...

As you know I love my quiz books too but got an "interesting" on yesterday.....

Its called Rob DJ's Monday Night Quiz Book. Its a guy from Radio 1, not sure if you have this one. Anyway it was 99p in the sale so I thought why not. I was reading the introduction on the way home and it said something to the effect of "Rob DJ is as famous for his quizzes as he is for the often wrong answers included in them"......and later it says ...."answers are not necessarily true". Call me daft but I cant work out if this is a joke or not??? I flicked through 50 or so questions I knew and all had right answers so still havent worked it out

By the way Marks and Spencers have some decent-ish quiz books in their sale. A nice set in a folder type thingy too where you get 1000 questions, cards, team sheets etc but good questions.

drgaryegrant said...

I have a bookcase full of quiz books. Most of them are rubbish, but the old hardback Mastermind tome is one of the better ones so I'll probably pick the new one up. The Fifteen To One books of 2000-2002 are good too. I thought Rob DJs book was fairly reliable, as far as I could see.

I may be accused of reading too much in to this, but I wonder if the September publishing date reflects the end of the current series for maximum exposure/interest? Mind you, there's two episodes this week, so on the other hand they may be trying to catch up before the viewing figures get hit by Euro 2012 and the Olympics. In short: I've still no idea when my show will be on, much to my irritation.

DanielFullard said...

Well thats a relief on the Rob DJ book then. On the subject of Mastermind, I was surprised they were putting two episodes out in one night.

drgaryegrant said...

Yes, but only because it turns out there's no show next week. As I believe Ludwig Wittgenstein once said, FFS.