Saturday, 21 January 2012

In the News Questions

Here we are – it’s back – the weekly trawl of the news. Answers in a week or so – email me if you can’t wait.

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Francesco Schettino
2. Jon Huntsman
3. Yousuf Gilani
4. Carole Kolar
5. John Burnside
6. Tom Harris
7. Mildred Pierce
8. Abu Qatada
9. Kerry-Jo Te Huia
10. Saeed Ajmal
11. Kim Jong Nam
12. Boris Island
13. Rande Gerber
14. Elly Nowell
15. Godshifteh Farahani
16. Rick Perry
17. Dominica Cemorton
18. Beck Laxton
19. Brian Shivers
20. Gary Streeter
21. Pseudomonas
22. PressTV

In Other News

1. The ferry Costa Concordia was wrecked just off which island ?
2. Which website underwent a voluntary blackout in protest against the anti piracy bill ?
3. On which day did Muhammad Ali turn 70 ?
4. Why has a new species of horsefly been named after Beyonce ?
5. Which car has been recalled due to fire hazard ?
6. Who won an apology from The Sun which wrongly claimed that he had groped a shop girl ?
7. How many of the 6 British singles players lost on the first day of the Australian Open ?
8. Which MP was wrongly accused of leaking Michael Gove’s letter concerning the possibility of a new royal yacht ?
9. Which of the Edinburgh pandas suffered from a bout of colic last week ?
10. Bruno Senna has joined which F1 team ?
11. A vaccine has been developed for the B strain of which disease ?
12. BBC have refused to apologise for Top Gear offending which country ?
13. Who was nominated as the BAFTA Best Actor for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ?
14. Which two coins are to be made slightly thicker ?
15. In new rules what have been banned form the Royal Enclosure at Ascot ?
16. Which National Park announced that it will be introducing parking charges ?
17. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s next talent searching TV series will be on ITV, and it will seek a star for which musical ?
18. Doubts were raised last week over the effectiveness of which drug ?
19. Which country last week saw it’s urban population exceed its rural population for the first time ever ?
20. Which are the three brands most highly rated by British consumers ?
21. It was revealed that last year London police spend £35,000 on what ?
22. Which respected broadcaster was told that she was ‘too posh’ for the BBC ?
23. Who is the only British player in the UEFA Team of 2011 ?
24. Which large US company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy ?
25. Which player has made a surprise return to the Welsh rugby squad for the 6 Nations ?
26. Which England player looks set to quit Northampton Saints RFC ?
27. How many hacking lawsuits were settled by News International last week ?
28. Who announced that he will be making an album about the Titanic ?
29. 2nd class stamps will be rising to which price ?
30. Who is Britain’s new unofficial trade envoy ?
31. Which TV series has been accused of damaging Ilkley Moor ?
32. Which singer died aged 73 ?

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Ben Dutton said...

#2 in other news - more than one site underwent a volunatary blackout. We all know which one you mean, but Reddit & Blogger also blacked out, and Wiki only did it in the English language site, not in the foreign language editions.