Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Beaten in Bridgend

Well, since I went on about my winning streak from mid January to March last year, it’s only fair that I mention it when things don’t go so well. As I said, at the moment Rob and the guys have the Indian sign over us at the club. Then last night, after 18 months and 32 games in the league and cup competitions in the Bridgend Quiz League, the wheels well and truly came off. It had to happen sooner or later, especially bearing in mind our close shave against the Nomads last week. Last night’s opposition were the Old Castle in Bridgend, 3rd place in the league last year, and no mugs at all.

The stupid thing was that the evening started so well. On the written questions we scored 29 out of 32 to their 21. We had a mare on the individual round, and they were only 2 points behind us after that. Then we kept on having a mare on the A and B team questions. The boys from the Old Castle played really well, we didn’t know a lot of the answers, and to cut a long story short they beat us by 50 points to 43. Very well played guys – it pains me to say it, but we can’t even put it down to a couple of lucky questions or anything like that. On the night they were simply just too good for us.

I have two nights to lick my metaphorical wounds, and then there’s quizzes on consecutive nights. At the moment my cumulative total for the year stands at 3 wins from 7 quizzes. Hopefully this won’t become 3 wins from 9 quizzes by the end of Friday evening. The way my own form is at the moment, though, I’m taking nothing for granted.

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