Friday, 17 June 2011

News Answers

Here’s the answers to the last set of news questions : -

Who or what are : -

David Days
The hypnotist who knocked himself out before he could wake up members of his audience he’d put under.

Andrew Bridgen
MP for North West Leicestershire arrested over claims of sexual assault. Charges have since been dropped I believe.

Francisco Sosa Wagner
Spanish EMP who waved cucumber in European Parliament

Bobby Bradley
Youngest ever person to fly solo in a hot air balloon

Dancing Rain
Horse that won the Oaks

Tea Obreht
Won the Orange prize with the book The Tiger’s Wife

Vaccine for the most deadly strain of meningitis

Julia Donaldson
Author of The Gruffalo – new Children’s Laureate

Peter Smedley
Millionaire whose assisted suicide at Dignitas was filmed

James Ward
Other British tennis player to reach the semis at Queens

Roy Skelton
Died – best known as voice of Zippy in Rainbow

Michael Dean
Finally graduated from Open University – first began his degree 34 years ago

New Zealand’s most famous sheep - died

Chilean volcano erupted

Judge Bolton
Judge from Northumberland convicted under Dangerous Dogs legislation

Jai McDowell
Winner of Britain’s Got Talent

Mickael Barzalone
Won the Derby on Pour Moi

Squishy robot tipped as this year’s Christmas ‘must have’ toy

Ali Abdullah Saleh
Fleeing president of Yemen

Reg Bailey
Head of the Mother’s Union

Who is the new manager of Fulham FC ?
Martin Jol

Josephine Hart died . What was the title of her famous first novel ?

Protestors against A.C.Grayling’s plans for a private university set off a smoke bomb where ?

Leicester Council replied to a freedom of information request that they do not have a contingency plan for which emergency ?
A zombie attack

In the new film of the Dambusters, what will Guy Gibson’s dog be called ?
Digger – to avoid the N word

Who knocked Nadal out of Queens’ ?
Jo Wilfred Tsonga

Which title did the Queen give to Prince Philip to celebrate his 90th birthday ?
Lord High Admiral

Who has been named the worst reviewed actress in Hollywood over the last 25 years ?
Jennifer Love Hewitt

A pie of which flavor, at which football club won the title of the supreme champion at the British Pie Awards ?
Chicken Ham and Leek - Morecambe

Who became the first politician to be expelled from the Privy Council for 90 years ?
Elliot Morley

What has been compared to a golden loofah and a cheese grater ?
The prototype torch for the London Olympics

Bryan Robson resigned as coach of which country’s national football team ?

Who won this year’s Rear of the Year ?
Carol Vorderman

What happened at Barclay’s Bank in Leigh on Sea ?
It was left unlocked, and had to be guarded by customers until the police arrived

What is the name of Apple’s new online storage system, announced last week ?
The i Cloud

What is the title of the new document from the Scout Organisation last week ?
Its OK to be gay and a scout

The University of Chicago finally completed a dictionary they have been working on for 90 years. In which language ?

After a gaffe she made, supporters of Sarah Palin hacked into Wikipedia to try to alter an entry on which figure of American History ?
Paul Revere

Who was the joint author on an academic paper on the human brain ?
Colin Firth

Who used the C word on The News Quiz on Radio 4 ?
Sandi Toksvig

Scientists in CERN succeeded in capturing antimatter and holding it for how long ?
15 minutes

Who became the first footballer from Britain or Ireland to score 50 international goals ?
Robbie Keane

On June 2nd which country celebrated its 150th anniversary of its independence ?

Who admitted that she had an operation for curvature of the spine at the age of 12 ?
Princess Eugenie

In which oil refinery in West Wales did a disastrous explosion cause tragedy ?
Chevron Refinery in Pembroke Dock

Where is Europe’s first solar powered rail tunnel ?


Anonymous said...

"Who was the joint author on an academic paper on the human brain ?"

Surely by definition there's got to be more than one possible answer to this?

Londinius said...

Hi Jenny

Fair point. Question should probably have read - which famous person was one of the joint authors of an academic paper on the human brain - my sources didn't say who the other one(s) was (were).


joe said...

In the new film of the Dambusters, what will Guy Gibson’s dog be called ?
Digger – to avoid the N word

Ironically, the term 'digger' is a pejorative word for certain types of (red) indian, especially in California.

Londinius said...

Hi Joe

I didn't know that, and I guess that Stephen Fry, who I believe wrote/is writing the screenplay didn't/doesn't either.



Mark Cooper said...

I don't want to be anal but I don't think Palin's supporters hacked into Wikipedia to alter Paul Revere's entry. The very fact thatit is open source means anyone can edit it.