Thursday, 9 June 2011

Answers to News Questions

Here’s the answers to the last set of news questions.

James Brown
Celebrity hairdresser who made racist comments to TV presenter Ben Douglas at BAFTAs

Tracy Crouch MP
MP very angry because she is not allowed to play for House of Commons football team . since she is a woman.

George Atkinson
Youngest person ever to scale the highest peak in each of the continents

Dan Wheldon
British driver who won the Indianapolis 500

Geordie Shore
MTV reality show which has angered locals with the portrayal of the people of the north east it gives

Born this way
Lady Gaga’s new album

Storm Stocker
Baby whose parents insist on keeping gender a secret

Wayne Bishop
Burglar freed so that he can look after his 5 kids

Chris Hutcheson
Gordon Ramsey’s father in law

Donald Tusk
Prime minister of Poland, under fire for sexist comments made during interview

HMS Flake 99
An amphibious ice cream van

Sacha Hall
She was convicted of stealing food which Tesco had thrown out

Charlie Wilcox
The misbehaving mum on the TV show who claimed to have smoked 3,500 cigarettes during her pregnancy

Karen Mulliner
Prison officer who committed suicide after a relationship with a former prisoner, who she alleged was going to blackmail her

The island in the TV show Castaway, up for sale at £2 million

Lord Taylor of Warwick
Peer jailed for expenses fraud

Professor John Beddington
Government’s newly appointed ‘Ash Tsar’

Campaign group backed by Judi Dench et al calling for reform to drug laws

Saffron Pledger
3 year old looking to become youngest ever member of Mensa

How many years has it been since Swansea City were last in the top division in English football ?

How many spectators attended the spectacular 5th day of the first test in Cardiff ?

How many new laws were passed in 2010 – a record number.

Which gimmick has been introduced by the National Trust in many of its properties ?
Talking Benches

Who denied sleeping with Tony Blair ?
Carol Caplin ( I don’t think Cherie denies sleeping with him )

Which football team qualified for the Europa League through the Fair Play league ?

Where in Norfolk was a public toilet on the seafront sold to make a luxury holiday home ?

An Anchor from which ship was raised last week ?
The Queen Anne’s Revenge ( Blackbeard’s ship )

Which company currently sponsor the Derby ?

Whose son managed Peterbrough United to success in the League one play off final ?
Sir Alex Ferguson

Which two players had a one hole play off in the Wentworth PGA ?
Luke Donald bt Lee Westwood

Which country voted yes in a referendum on the issue of legalizing divorce ?

Which country won the Nations Cup in football ?
Republic of Ireland bt Scotland

Which country announced that it plans to close all of its nuclear plants by 2022 ?

Who or what has been sued by South Tyneside council ?

Barbara Mills passed away last week. Which very important position did she once hold ?
Director of Public Prosecutions

Last week Egypt opened its border where ?
Gaza Strip

Which sportsman announced that he is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease ?
Joost van der Westhuizen

Which 2 players will contest the final of the Women’s singles in the French Open ?
Sciavone and Li Na
An armed siege took place in a cooperative bank in which town ?

Hackers operating in which country hacked into Google email accounts ?

On June 2nd which country celebrated the 150th anniversary of its unification ?

Muttiah Muralitharan has played his first game for which county ?

Why was Moreton Hall estate in Bury St. Edmunds in the news ?
Apparently if you’re born there you have a long life expectancy

What went missing on Radio 4 on 31st May ?
The pips

Australia announced plans to force tobacco companies to do what to cigarette packets ?
They must be olive green – the least attractive colour to smokers apparently

What can the jobless now do, that only the homeless could do up to now ?
Sell the Big Issue

What is the name of the Bristol Care Home which featured in a Panorama investigation ?
Westbourne View

Where did a beached sperm whale die ?

Who is England’s Cricketer of the Year ?
Jonathan Trott

Why was Boris Johnson disappointed ?
He wasn’t allocated any Olympic tickets

Who called his birthplace of Weston Super Mare “a tedious little place “ ?
John Cleese

What happened in the Church of St. John the Divine near Ripon ?
Bellringers were locked in by disgruntled neighbor following a marathon three hour session

Which is the most popular town in England in which to get married ?

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