Saturday, 25 June 2011

Answers to the news questions

Who or what are : -

Drinks firm paying for training of midwives

Christina Kircher
President of Argentina – criticized Cameron over his pronouncements on the Falklands

Owais Dar
Shopkeeper who took boy who stole from his shop home to the boy’s parents, and was taken to court over unlawful imprisonment, to have case thrown out by the judge.

The Downing Street cat photographed with Barack Obama, who looked distinctly uncomfortable holding him.

Karen Gordon
Third wife of Earl Spencer

Andrew Symeou
Released after 2 years in a jail in Greece

Moya Greene
Head of Royal Mail, criticized over pay

Jamie Stewart and Joanne Fraill
First people to be convicted of internet based contempt of court, each contacted other on Facebook during trial where one was defendant, and the other a juror.

Spiderman – Turn off the Dark
Most expensive musical in Broadway history – opened again last week.

Sean Murphy
He was convicted of a firearms offence after using a 12 bore to try to blast a wart off his finger

David Abraham
Head of Channel 4 , who defended Frankie Boyle’s comments about Katie Price’s son Harvey

Fame and Glory
Horse that won the Ascot Gold Cup

Kevin Hart
Caught growing a very large indoor cannabis farm – claimed that he thought it was sage.

Anthony McErlean
Man who faked own death, and then claimed on his life insurance

Kevin O’Hare
New director of the Royal Ballet

Arun Nayer
Divorced after 4 years of marriage to Liz Hurley

Crystal Harris
Called off engagement to Hugh Hefner

Company that bought the Castaway Island of Taransay

JK Rowling’s new website

Which is officially Europe’s most gridlocked city ? ( London is 3rd )

Which London Borough refused to make Bob Dylan a Freeman ?

Panorama had to apologise over ‘faked’ footage of what ?
Child labourers making goods for Primark

What were stolen from a museum at Seogram Ashram in India ?
Gandhi’s spectacles

On which course is this year’s US Open being played ?

An outcry has forced the government of Austria to scrap plans to sell off what ?
2 mountains

Which ground staged its first ever test match ?
Rose Bowl, Hampshire

Who was sacked as manager of Terek Grozny ?
Ruud Gullit

To whom did Christine Bleakley become engaged ?
Frank Lampard

Which 85 year old played the Glastonbury Festival ?

Who captained Sri Lanka in the third test ?

Alan Shearer turned down an offer to manage which football club ?
Cardiff City

Where did the Royal Ballet perform for the first time last week ?
The O2 Arena

Off the coast of which Cornish town was a dangerous shark reported last week ?
St. Ives

Cecilia Mcdowall has composed a choral piece of music based on what ?
The Shipping Forecast

Which 2 teaching unions voted for a strike on June 30th ?

Which games company are the latest to have been hacked into ?

The Anglican church is set to allow the ordination of gay bishops – on which condition ?
They remain celibate

Which piece of music came top of the vote for Desert Island Discs by the general public ?
The Lark Ascending – Vaughan Williams

Which college was stopped from using a kettle as a mascot in a recording for the next series of University Challenge ?
Goldsmith’s College ( my alma mater !)

A recent study has shown which hobby to be the most conducive to good health ?

Again, a recent study has revealed that which accents are a) the most helpful – and b) the least helpful to candidates in interviews for jobs ?
a) Essex and Cambridge b) Glaswegian

Damning documents from whose time in ministerial office were revealed last week ?
Ed Balls

Who knocked Rafael Nadal out of Queens’ ?
Jo Wilfred Tsonga

Which welsh rugby player has been suspended by the WRU following an altercation in a Cardiff street ?
Mike Phillips

Which athlete announced his decision not to compete in the European team athletics championship on Twitter ?
Phillips Idowu

Women in Saudi Arabia have been protesting over which issue ?
At the moment all women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia

Anne Robinson was criticized over a question she asked vicar Peter Hayler on The Weakest Link. What was the question ?
“Is that a gay shirt ?”

Which new A Level grade is to come in above A* ?
A * Distinction

What is the name of the BBC’s new X-Factor style talent show, announced for next year ?
The Voice

What was allowed to be worn in the Ascot Royal Enclosure for the first time this year ?
Wellington Boots

DC Comics have revealed that Superman is going to lose his what ?
Distinctive red underpants

Which stage race was won by Bradley Wiggins ?
Criterium du Dauphine

Schools in which British town have found out that they are in fact twinned with schools in Abbotabad ?

The descendants of Jacques du Molay have petitioned the Vatican for a pardon. Jacques du Molay was the last head of which organization ?
The Knights Templar

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