Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Wellington's Waterloo

You may well recall me mentioning the Tuesday night quiz in The Duke of Wellington pub in Cowbridge before now. Well, sad to say that last night was the last quiz there, at least for the time being. The pub, which is a marvellous old building, and frankly in pretty decent nick inside, is being closed for refurbishment. I'm not really sure how long for. Mark, the landlord for these past couple of years is being moved on to pastures new, and someone else will be taking over afterwards. To say its a pity is a bit of an understatement. The quiz was a good quiz, and it was well attended before Mark took the pub over, but its fair to say that under his stewardship it has gone from strength to strength. Last night the whole place was packed to the rafters. I was particularly pleased to see that the mentions of the quiz in the blog led to my friend Richard Parnell giving it a try last night.

Well, even the very best of endings tend to have a bittersweet quality about them, but it was a good quiz last night, and a really enjoyable occasion. As for the questions, they were all taken from quizzes Mark has asked in there during the last 18 months. As it is, John and I only ever attend once a fortnight, so our familiarity with the questions might well be less than other teams.. Mind you, Richie had never been before, so he was at even more of a disadvantage. Whatever the case, by the end of the evening Mark was able to present over £1000 that had been raised solely through the quiz to a cancer charity, and that's a great gesture to leave on.

As I said , Mark isn't sure where he will be going next, but hopefully it won't be too far away. Mark, if by any chance you come to read this, very good luck, and thanks for some highly enjoyable quiz evenings.

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