Tuesday, 12 April 2011

QM's Gaffe

I heard another halfway decent one to add to my collection last night. I'm sure that I've told you my two favourites before , but because I enjoy them both so much I'm going to repeat them anyway.

a)Question - Which is the largest carnivore in Europe ?
Question master's answer - Notting Hill

b) Question - how many British Prime Ministers have been assassinated ( thinks for a minute ) and I tell you what , I'll give you a bonus if you can tell me his name.

Last night's was in a similar vein to b) which is quoted above. The quiz was the £100 first prize quiz in Cardiff. It must be more than 6 months since I last played there. This is partly because I've been playing in the league in Bridgend on a monday evening, but mostly because I just don't like it that much. As for the quiz itself, the questions are pretty good, but as I think we all know , there's more to an enjoyable quiz than just having good questions, albeit that you can't have a good quiz without them. The question master is a very nice guy, but he's one of these who drags each round out way past its natural life span. The place is really noisy, and you don't have to look very far to see people cheating with their phones. Well, enough said about that , and back to the gaffe. Last night I was delighted to hear this one : -

Question - how many states of the USA have a pacific coastline - ( thinks for a minute ) oh, and I'll give you a bonus if you can name all five of them.

I know that this wasn't intentional , since he let go a naughty little word when people began laughing, and he realised what he'd done.


Andrew B. said...

One we had in a pub quiz earlier this year: "In which country did the tarantella dance originate? I hope I've pronounced that right, I'm not much good at Italian..."

Londinius said...

Hi Andrew

In the words of Frank Carson, that's a cracker !