Monday, 18 April 2011

Interesting question

In some ways it was a relief to get back to the Dyffryn Arms last night after my fury over the phone cheating in the rugby club on Thursday night. Its not a bad little quiz there, and Graham, the question master, asked one particularly intriguing question.

"Name all of the counties of England - modern ones - that have no coastline. I'm looking for 24 of them."

I'll put my cards on the table now and say that we were flying a little blind on this one. However, between John and myself we managed 23 of the ones on Graham's list - the only one we missed out on being Cambridgeshire. It was discussed, but rejected for some reason which escapes me now.

Mind you, I don't say that Graham is necessarily right with the number 24. With the best will in the world he can be a little - how should I say - careless sometimes. Case in point - in the very same quiz last night, as the answer to the penultimate question he claimed that Madame Butterfly was written by Mozart ! As they say in these parts, ah, pity, mun.


Ben Dutton said...

That's a good question - I'm trying to find questions that you can't google easily at the moment, and I came up with this doozy the other day. I had asked 19 questions with a weather theme, and for the final question I asked: "There are four countries with weather phenomena hidden in their name. Name them for a point each." I spent a good half hour with a list of countries working that one out.

Londinius said...

Hi Ben

Great question ! Bahrain comes to mind - would Iceland count ? I'll come back to you on the others !


Ben Dutton said...

I did count Iceland, simply because I knew everybody would put it!

Andrew B. said...


HughTube said...


Ben Dutton said...

Well done Andrew B and Hugh Tube! They were all kicking themselves with Thailand afterward. A few got Ukraine. Everybody got Iceland. Bahrain just elicited groans!