Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Streak News

No news is good news, actually. Just in case anyone's been following the saga of my current long running winning streak, it still hasn't been broken. Mind you there's always tonight. . .

I set the quiz in the rugby club last Thursday. I've already written about that , so lets move on. Sunday night was a social quiz in the Duffyrn Arms in Rhos - good fun, and a win by a couple of points. Then last night was the cup semi final in Bridgend. The team we were playing against are leading the second division , and they're good. We ran out winners in the end, but they're no mugs and work together as a good team.

If I'm looking for when I think the streak is most likely to be broken, I have to say that tonight's quiz in Cowbridge, and if not this one, then Thursday's quiz in the rugby club look like prime candidates. In Cowbridge its a social quiz, but there's one other very good team who play there. In the past we've tended to either beat them by a few points, or lose to them by a few points. Every time we've played there in 2011 we've won, and it could just be that this will be the time that they beat us to the tape. Other than that there's a question master at the rugby club on Thrusday whose record is. . . how should I put it ? erratic. So anything could happen . Its always possible that we could lose tonight, and then Thursday as well to begin a losing streak. Could it happen ? Watch this space for further updates.

I haven't watched last night's UC yet, so the review will follow either tomorrow or Thursday.


Unknown said...

Maybe you should retitle this as *winning* streak news.

I thought for a moment that someone had dared you to run through the streets all nekkid !

Londinius said...

Hi Gillian

Believe me, there must be better ways of raising a laugh from the good citizens of Port Talbot than exposing my shortcomings in that fashion !