Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Congratulations, boys !

I have to ask your forgiveness for a rather self indulgent post , here. If you're a regular you may recall me explaining that I'd been invited to play for the Llangewydd Arms team in the Bridgend Quiz League this season. The season isn't quite over. there's one more league match to play, next week, and then in three week's time we have the cup final to play. However, last night the team clinched the league title. I apologise if this sounds unneccessarily triumphalist and self serving . However , the reason why I mention this is to salute my team mates. John, of course, I've played with for many years now, and my admiration for his talents is a matter of public record. But captain Andrew, and Neil, the other two members of the team, are two players I'd never played with before the start of the season. Boys, playing with you in the same team this year has been an absolute pleasure. Many congratulations on your Nottingham Forest-like feat of gaining promotion from the second division in one season, and winning the first division title in the next. Very well done.

Of course, I'm well aware that mentioning this now probably means that we'll go on now and lose the last league match, and then the cup final after . Life can be funny like that !


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave

I'm hoping to make a return to league quizzing in the Oxford Summer League.

Londinius said...

Hi Chris

Thanks ! I strongly urge you to do it - I've always enjoyed playing in a league, and this has been no different. Its been great . There's a buzz you get from a truly competitive league quiz that you just can't get from a social quiz, however carefully put together, and however competitive it might be.